Monday, September 29, 2008

Missed a day!

Boo hoo! Unscheduled rest day! Not that I had any nagging injuries, or burn out or anything. Just kind of a lazy Sunday. By the time I had finished everything else, it was getting close to 6:30. These days it is dark by 7 PM. I figured one missed tempo day is not going to hurt me at this point. So I settled in for another episode of House and wrote Sunday off.

Today is normally an easy day to use as recovery from the weekend's long run and tempo/fartlek workout. I'm going to try to move things around and do an hour tempo run today instead of an easy 4. I have some errands this evening (wife is working late, so I have dinner duty). I'll see where things stand later in the evening.

This week also wraps up my current training plan. Based on that plan I'm supposed to run a 10K on Sunday, but, I can't seem to find one close to home. Instead, I'll do a long run on Saturday and take a couple of rest days during the week. The question really is what to do next week. I want to maintain a base of 25 to 30 miles per week. I will be travelling the week of October 12, so I am toying with 5 days next week Monday, Tuesday 6 easy, Wednesday speed work, Thursday 4 recovery, Friday SRD, Saturday 12 miles, Sunday SRD. That would give me a weekly total of 34 miles. Then, I'll take a week off while travelling, and start a new training cycle when I get back, the week of October 19th. We'll see how it goes!

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