Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Three Mile Monday

Yesterday was Monday, so it was another easy 3 miles. I dropped my son off at the NAC and I did the old "South from the NAC" run.

There was a difference yesterday though. I am always looking for other ways to enjoy the outdoors. I *had* purchased the bike to commute back and forth to work, but since I am still paying for that little experiment, I decided that on those days that I don't need my car and have no appointments, I can walk to the office. Yesterday was one of those days. So I packed up my Camelbak and "commuted" to my office. That added an extra 8.3 miles (round trip) to my daily total. It was actually kind of cool! It certainly gave me an appreciation for what people just a hundred years had to go through. A simple trip to Starbucks with the family would have to become an all day event!

I got home just in time to grab some fruit and head on out the door for my three mile run. I felt fatigued (duh!) but was still able to put in 3 miles including the hill in less than 30 minutes. Did my core workout of planks, side planks and bird dogs and then rushed home to stuff my face!

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