Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Three Miles Easy

Yesterday was supposed to be an easy three miles followed by some time in the weight room. After my little sojourn on Monday, I didn't really have much choice. My legs were just not willing to move too fast. To make matters worse, I didn't get out to run until about 4:30, and by then there was a stiff headwind blowing. Since my run was an out and back, I had to run into a headwind for 1.5 miles.

Since school is back in session, more of my weekday running will take place over by the Newport Aquatic Center, where my son is rowing. He had a light workout day, so I dropped him off and headed south toward the Hill. I was running tired, but got the 3 miles in. I know I was supposed to do my core workout, but my body was telling me that it was time to stop. So, I listened, picked up my son, and made my way home for dinner.

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