Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Speedwork

I have so badly wanted to wrap up a week with 30 miles of running. This week gave me the opportunity to do so. I came into this morning with 25.8 miles so far, so it was a mater of a measly 4.2 miles to round out the week. Wow - this whole running thing is still new enough that I remember when 4.2 miles was a *long* way to run....

Today was a 45 minute fartlek workout on the training plan. Other than being a little sore and stiff from yesterday, I felt pretty good, so I opted to lengthen it out to a 6 mile fartlek workout. So, my workout looked like a one mile warm up, 4 miles of fartleks, and a one mile warm down.

Once done, I downloaded myGarmin and was quite surprised at the data! I was able to maintain a fast pace for up to a quarter mile at a time. My best pace was a 7:34 pace for a quarter mile! Overall I managed a 9:38 pace for the entire 6 mile workout. No wonder I'm a little tired and sore tonight!

My six miles today also resulted in my first 30 plus mile week! I ended up at 31.8 miles for the week! Woo hoo! I am looking forward to a 5K to see what my improvement would be!

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