Friday, September 26, 2008


Ahhh! Recovery day. I needed it. Yesterday was 4 miles at an 11:00 pace. It was nice not pushing things. I went out of the NAC, took the south route, and except for a couple of hills, had a *slow* *slow* run. But I'm not sure that I could have managed much else. I ended the day in the weight room at the NAC for stretching and core workout.

Ever since Tuesday, my legs have felt as fatigued as they have in quite a while. I am sure the combination of increased miles and increased pace is doing it. Yesterday, I had shin pain and a general weak feeling in my quads and ankles during my run. So, I need to watch myself the rest of this week. Last thing I want at this point is an injury. I am sitting here at 20 miles so far. I was thinking about 12 LSD and then 5 tempo over the weekend, but I may scale that back. A lot depends on how I feel tomorrow. Right now, my shins are still sore. I am hoping today's SRD will help that.

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