Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Four Mile Monday

Okay okay - so I am getting repetitive. That is the purpose of a training plan. But, I'm also deviating a little as I enter the last two weeks of this plan. I am going to add a mile to each non track day this week and next. This should get my weekly mileage up into the 35 mile range. Still a little short of my 50 mpw goal, but I guess that gives me something to shoot for during the coming year. Plus, if I do hit 50 mpw, I am going to have to find an alternative to my Asics or else I'll be going through a pair of shoes every month. As it is, I got my free pair of shoes from Road Runner this month as it was!

Yesterday was a four mile easy run followed by some time in the weight room stretching and doing my core workout. I got a late start, so finished up the run just as it was getting dark. Looks like it's time to break out the reflective vest again. Or else run in the AM. My only beef with running in the morning is the nap that I will need during the day to recover!

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