Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Short Workout

Monday was a 3 mile day. Since my son had to workout, I did my usual trusty 3 miles south from the NAC route. I reflected while running today about how I used t dread this run because it was sooo far and sooo long to complete. I also used to dread the hill that I had to climb to get to Castaways. Today, I was able to average 9:15 over the course, and ran up the hill!

Today I think I will lengthen out a little over the plan. The plan calls for a four mile easy run today. The rationale is that I should still be in recovery from Sunday's 10K. Since I didn't run a race though, I think I'll lengthen to six miles and slow down today.

I'm also looking at my next race - the Harbor Heritage Run (5K). This was my first race last year, so this event will always have a soft spot in my heart. Plus, it's only 10 minutes away from home!

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