Sunday, September 14, 2008

One Year of Running

Yesterday was my sort of simulated 10K. I say sort of simulated because I was supposed to run a 10K as part of my Higdon Training Program, but I couldn't find one nearby to run. So, I ditched the 10K for a 6 mile run with Cal Coast. I tried to push the pace just a little - not full out race pace, but faster than my normal long run pace. I finished the run 6.1) in a 58.23, which included a pit stop. But the best part of the run was until the last mile, I didn't feel that I was pushing myself too much, and managed to pull of a 9:19 mile 6, including 7:20 over the last quarter mile (yes - once I was up and over the hill). So overall, I was pretty pleased - a minute or so off my past 10K race PR and a strong finish to boot.

More important this week was that I celebrated my one year anniversary of running! That' right, it was one year ago this week that I laced up my shoes and went on a little three mile journey. That three mile run was south from the NAC, and took a total of 39 excruciating minutes. But it was the start! When I look back over the past year I can point to a couple of things that fall into the "delayed gratification" bucket: 20 fewer pounds, 9:45 easy pace miles, marathon, 35 miles per week. It time to set some goals for this coming year....


  1. Glenn,

    Congrats on both the 10K time and the 1 year of running.


  2. Thanks again Bob! Running has been such a great hobby for me for the past year. I actually started thiw whole thing to get in shape to do some hiking/backpacking over the summer. I never put a pack on my back, but I still get to enjoy my workout everyday!

    Thanks for following along!

  3. Way to go dude! Keep running and blogging!!