Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tired Tuesday

Yesterday was a scheduled 6 mile run. My son had rowing, so I knew I would be starting at the NAC, but was having a difficult time deciding whether to go north through Westcliff or south and up the "Hill". My legs felt tired, no doubt from walking on Monday, so I was looking for the easiest way to complete my workout. The breeze pretty much made my decision, as it was blowing pretty stiff by the time I got started. So, despite my disdain for the run behind Newport Dunes, I took off to the south, wen t up the hill, back down and over the PCH bridge, and slogged through the mile behind the Dunes.

By now, I am pretty comfortable with my turn around points on the Back Bay trail. If running to the south from the NAC, the turnaround is at the entrance to Shellmaker Island. Yesterday, I knew this was not going to be a normal fun run when I got to my turnaround point. By then, my legs were starting to feel really fatigued. The feeling was very much like what I felt about mile 15 of the SD RnR marathon. I made the turn, and slowed to a walk for a couple of minutes to try to get some life back in my dead appendages. Since the plan was a "simple" six miler, I hadn't brought along any water or carbs to refuel with.

After what seemed like forever (I'm sure just a minute or two), I gathered up the strength to press on. I started thinking about a recent thread on the Runner's World forum about mantras, and pushed myself on to the last mile, where I knew I would be pointed in the right direction (downhill).

I wrapped up my run, but as I sit here the next morning, I wonder about my ability to run this afternoon. My legs are really tired and I feel pretty fatigued. Today's workout are intervals on the track. I hoping to feel better later in the day!

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