Friday, November 21, 2008

Thursday Tempo

Strange run yesterday. I got out of the office about 4 PM. On the schedule was a 45 minute tempo run. I wanted to try to get the run in before it got dark (for a change). As I was leaving my office, I noticed that it was darker that I thought it should be at 4. I looked up and noticed that it was overcast - not unusual, but something that I haven't seen for a few weeks now. The weather is definitely changing. By the time I parked my car on Bayview, I was in a swirling fog. Not only that - it was damp. Made it feel like it was much colder than it probably was.

I headed up the San Diego Creek trail for my run. I felt pretty strong most of the way, and my numbers show it. Ended up at 4.82 miles for the 45 minute run for an average pace of 9:19. And that includes my 10 minute warm up and 10 minute warm down. Something appears to be working here with this heart rate training. At the end of the run I actually felt somewhat refreshed - not like I was just hammered. This morning I feel pretty good - not as tired as I was earlier this week.

I'm now planning my next two races. Next week I'll run the Dana Point Turkey Trot for a 10K. It's a madhouse of a run (over 10,000 runners), but hopefully this year I'll get out ahead f the pack a little bit and avoid the bottleneck where everyone slows down to a walk while merging on the trail. I'd like to hit 55 minutes, which would be an 8:51 pace. I know I can hit the pace - the question is whether I can hold it. My training plan next calls for a 15K race in December. Unfortunately the one I was planning on sold out (XTerra Crystal Cove). I'll think I'll settle for the Make Room for Santa 10K in Irvine on December 14. I'll need to move my training plan around, but it's the only race that's close and convenient in December. This is all leading up to the Southern California Half on January 10. I'm keeping my head down and legs moving!

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