Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hill Work - Better Than Last Week

Did some hill repeats yesterday. 2 mile warm up, 7 hills, 1 mile warm down. 6.5 miles total. Kicked my butt! I was in bed asleep by 8 PM. As I sit here Wednesday morning, my legs are still fatigued. Heck - even my arms are tired today. But, I feel pretty good about the accomplishment! Endorphins?

I was analyzing my Garmin data this morning and started looking at the hill that I am running. I am climbing 100 feet in a quarter of a mile, making it a 12.5% grade. It's taking me right around 3 minutes to make it up the hill. Here's the elevation profile:

Higdon wants the hill to be somewhere between 200 and 400 yards, and run at a 5K pace. My current 5K pace is right around 8:30, which should put one hill right around 2:10. Looks like I still have some work to go, but it's all pointing in the right direction.

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