Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Back into the Swing of Things

Okay folks. I'm back in the training rut! I've started the Higdon Advanced Half Marathon plan. Yesterday was Three Mile Monday (as with all Higdon training plans). I shuffled down to the Upper Back Bay/Bayview trail to put in my three miles. It was kind of weird to run again. When I first started, I had some nagging knee pain that went away in less than a quarter mile. Once that went away, I felt pretty good.

I noticed that I stayed in the 80% to 90% MHR zone for most of the run and actually ran negative splits. These runs should be in a lower zone, so I'll watch this in the future. I shouldn't be running three miles in LHR zone!

Today though should be an LHR workout. 6 hill repeats. Ugh.

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