Saturday, October 4, 2008

Good Run Today!

As I mentioned earlier this morning, I juggled my schedule around a bit to accommodate yesterday's unscheduled rest day and today's need to help my son pack his scull up for a race in Northern California. So, I got to CDM this morning a little before 7, met with the group, and ran a little 45 minute tempo run along the Lower Back Bay trail. I felt a little guilty since most were running at least 6 miles today, but I will tackle at least 10 miles tomorrow morning.

I started with an easy first one mile, which was just under 10 minutes. At that point, I started building speed. At the 20 minute mark I turned around, only because I knew I had the Hill that I was going to need to contend with on my return. I felt good and felt pretty strong the entire run. I did slow down momentarily a couple of times as the trail started climbing some minor hills, but otherwise, I was able to maintain pace. Bottom line is that even with the big hill to contend with, I ended up going 4.85 miles. That means if I didn't have the hill, 5 miles would have been entirely possible. I started thinking about next week - specifically about how hard I can push myself. Maybe 25 minutes is possible? I'll give it my best!

Tomorrow also wraps up my current training plan. I think this one (Hal Higdon 12 week Intermediate Spring Training) is a good plan! My times show improvement. I feel a lot more comfortable out on the trails, and recover a lot quicker. The only thing that hasn't happened the last 12 weeks is weight loss. I'll start watching those calories a lot closer over the coming weeks.

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