Friday, October 3, 2008

Tired Thursday

I did my speed work yesterday at the track. Two mile warm up, 8 X 400 with 400 rest, one mile warm down. One thing for sure - fall is in the air! It's getting dark earlier these days. Got started around 5 PM, finished just after 6PM as the sun was going down over the horizon.

I think these workouts are taking a toll on me. I've been pretty tired the past few days. No other physical ailments - just physically tired. Despite taking Wednesday off, I was pretty tired last night and am on the verge of exhaustion this morning. Maybe I'm catching a cold or something.

On a related note, I did finally register for my October race, the Harbor Heritage Run on October 11th. This race will always have a soft space in my heart because it was my first ever race! One year ago this was my inaugural race! I'll be hoping to set a new 5K PR this year!

Today I'll go out for either 4 or 4 and a half easy miles.

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