Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Six Recovery Miles

Put in a six mile recovery run yesterday. It has been hot the past couple of days, so I tried to wait as late as I could to get my run in. I ended up taking off about 6:15 PM. According to my car thermometer, it was still 86 - that's right - 86 at the beach!

My goal was to maintain 75% of MHR, around 145 bpm. I managed to do that, running 50 minutes with an average heart rate of 145!

Today will be a rest day, since I have another conflict that will not allow me to run this afternoon. But, I will still be thinking about running. In order to train using the Pfitz philosophy, I need to know my heart rate metrics. I will be documenting MHR and other training zones so I can effectively gauge how well the system works.

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