Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Trying Something New

This week is my week between training plans. I just came off the Higdon Intermediate Spring Training, and on the 20th of this month I will start the Higdon Intermediate Half Marathon Plan. I have a race on Saturday, and next week I will be in New Jersey, so I'm kind of winging it this week. My plan is six mile recovery runs on Monday and Wednesday, and 6 mile Tempo on Tuesday. I'll rest Thursday and Friday, race on Saturday, and then take off to the East Coast Saturday afternoon.

Yesterday, I ran 5.75 miles (Garmin problems) at Recovery Pace. The reason I italicize recovery pace is that for the first time, I actually ran at pace 11:40. And I was still sweating like a hog by the end of the run! My average heart rate for the run was 130, which is about 73% MHR. More importantly, my legs actually feel pretty fresh this morning!

Oh and the Garmin problem? I started using Sporttracks to upload workouts to my Garmin. I keep forgetting that the 305 displays data fields based on the type of workout that is programmed. I guess that Sportracks does not upload Running as the workout type! I looked down at the watch to keep an eye on heart rate and found that I didn't have that data field available! Guess I'll need to play with the Garmin next week while I'm off in Jersey.

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