Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fluid Schedule?

So, yesterday was supposed to be a six mile recovery run. But, I got a call from my wife reminding me that we had a College Counseling seminar for parents at my youngest son's school. I wasn't planning on attending, having gone through this twice with my other kids, but she kind of insisted, so I juggled my schedule to make room. Bottom line was an unscheduled rest day.

Not a big deal - except I was planning on using today for my easy six miler. Well, later in the afternoon I got a call from my middle son. He is having the normal shock of freshman Physics over at UCI. At least he is being proactive about this and trying to work through the problem. He's going to be home today so we can go over some of his homework problems and past tests. I am hoping that I can get out this evening once done, but I'm not going to hold my breath. I am sure that I'll get pretty wrapped up in his work because I love Physics! Honestly! I really enjoyed the challenge of an hour per homework problem to get the math right solving problems! I'm actually looking forward to this evening.

If I can't get my run in today, then I'm most likely cancelling, since I will doing a 5K on Saturday morning. Maybe a short 4 miler or something tomorrow will be okay. The 5K on Saturday is the Harbor Heritage 5K. It's just a quickie run less than 10 minutes from home here in Newport Beach. 500 to 600 runners, no chip timing, etc., but it's close! It's also the first race I ever ran. I think the weather is supposed to be good - unlike last year where we had rain on race day. This is my first actual running race since the RnR Marathon last June. Of course there will be a report here when I'm done.

Oh by the way - the college meeting? I did learn something new - starting this year, students can choose which SAT sitting they want to submit to colleges they are applying to. This means that there is no longer a penalty for doing poorly on an SAT test and students can take the test as many times as they want. In the past, colleges saw all SAT scores and could choose the ones they wanted to use. Now, they will only see the results that a student submits. I hope this takes some of the pressure off the kids that take the test.

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