Sunday, October 19, 2008

Getting Started Again

Well - tomorrow starts my next training cycle. My plan is to run the Southern California Half in early January. Living here in Southern California, we have our choice of races year round. The best part for me is that all of these races are within an hours drive from home, and in fact, most are within 30 minutes! Having just finished the Harbor Heritage Run last weekend, here's what's next on the platter:
  • Dana Point Turkey Trot 10K - 20 minute drive in Dana Point
  • Crystal Cove XTerra 15K - less than 10 mins away in Corona del Mar
  • So Cal Half Marathon - 10 mins away in Irvine
  • OC Marathon - literally within walking distance from my home

I was going to use the Higdon Intermediate Half training plan until I started looking closely at it this morning. It seemed a little light on both distance and intensity. I started looking at the advanced plan. This had a little more in the way of speedwork and distance, running between 29 and 37 miles per week, and one day of hills or intervals and one day of tempo each week. I get started tomorrow!

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