Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Half Marathon Playlist

Okay folks. I normally don't post twice a day, but I just finished putting my iPod playlist together for tomorrow's run. Are you ready? Here it is:

Bitter Sweet Symphony -The Verve
El Cascabel - Mariachi sol de mexico
Psycho Killer - Talking Heads
Take Me to the River - Talking Heads
Once In a Lifetime - Talking Heads
The Real Me - The Who
Gut Feeling/Slap Your Mammy - Devo
Love Shack - B 52's
Private Idaho - B 52's
Detachable Penis - King Missile
Who Was In My Room Last Night - Butthole Surfers
Goofy's Concern - Butthole Surfers
The Annoying Song - Butthole Surfers
Redneck Rampage - Mojo Nixon
I Can't Surf - Reverend Horton Heat
Right Here, Right Now - Fatboy Slim
The Rockafeller Skank - Fatboy Slim
Hey Boys, Hey Girls - Chemical Brothers
Do It Again - Chemical Brothers
Galvanize - Chemical Brothers
Gone In 60 Seconds Megamix - Chemical Brothers
2 many DJs - Chemical Brothers
Radioactivity - Kraftwerk
Aero Dynamik - Kraftwerk
Tour de France (Original 1983) - Kraftwerk
Tick Tick Boom - The Hives
Walk Idiot Walk - The Hives
I'm In Miami Bitch - LMFAO
Get Crazy - LMFAO
Hot 'N Cold - LMFAO
Aero Dynamik - Kraftwerk
Latin Sagebrush - Down To The Bone
Muffin Man [Live] - Captain Beefheart/Frank Zappa & the Mothers

There it is. Two and a half hours of tunes. I especially like the last one. If I hear it then it's lyrics will ring true - "Girl, you thought he was a man, but he was a muffin!"


  1. have Mojo Nixon on your playlist... I know everything I need to know now!

    hmmmm I haven't run to Redneck Rampage yet...I'll have to add that.

  2. Quite an eclectic mix of music!!! very interesting! I hope you have a great race tomorrow!!!

  3. umm. butthole surfers? ...interesting....

    hope all these very interesting songs helped you to a sweet pr today! (i'm just disappointed that there is no paris hilton on there)

  4. Detachable Penis?

    There are no words...

    Good job on the list and run!

  5. Is it bad if I don't know any of your songs? If it works, then yay!

  6. And so, did this playlist that ends with a wacky Frank Zappa tune get you to the end in the time you needed? And were you smiling because of the song or the clock -- or both?

  7. Hey, have you heard about the Hives' Nike+ run mix. It's on iTunes. I bet you'd like it.