Friday, May 8, 2009

Twist my Arm Please

Yeah. Another day off. Hey - priorities!

After my run on Wednesday, my legs were still feeling *really* tired yesterday. So, I called my wife and headed down the road with her to my other love (actually fourth or fifth on the list) - POKER! Yes. I like a good game of poker. Just low stakes limit poker. None of that World Series of Poker style no limit stuff for me. To properly play no-limit, you need to constantly calculate your table odds and compare that to your pot odds to determine the size of your bet. That's way too much work.

I can understand why casinos love these limit games. The rake (the percentage the casino takes from the pot to pay for the dealer) is huge. I can understand why people love these games - sounds like you are limiting your upside risk since your bet is pretty well capped at the table limit. But I've got to tell you - people bet way too much money for the cards they have in their hands and on the table. That being said, I still left a small contribution yesterday. Oh well.

Today I'll be out the door in the afternoon to put in the 6 or so easy miles that I was supposed to run yesterday. I promise!


  1. The fact is: you ran a half marathon less than a week ago-- you deserve the break!

    next time you should try and set up a "poker run" do they have those out west?

  2. oooooo I love me some poker.

    Oh, and from your last post, did you read Anadel's blog post of the River City Half marathon? We saw him get his "winnies". No, seriously, if you look at his pics, you'll see how stinkin' hot it was.

  3. My dad taught me to play poker when I was a kid. I remember knowing what a straight flush was in grade school (it was Reno, after not all that unusual), but I've never played poker in a casino...

    They say that you should recover one day for every mile you ran in a race (that's 13 days...maybe too long in my book) but it still means that you can take it easy for awhile longer and feel no guilt at all!

  4. Sounds like you are having fun. Hope the run goes well today.

  5. i'm not too lucky at the casino either (the 1 time i went). maybe you should just stick to running :)