Friday, May 1, 2009

Thank You AKA Alice!

AKA Alice of Hefferblog was the only one who publicly admitted to understanding my obtuse movie reference in yesterday's blog! I owe you a mimosa when we meet (and you know it's just a matter of time before that happens at some race along the coast). Thanks for playing along!

Alice also pointed out that the Half that I'm running on Sunday looks like it's pretty flat. Yup! I'm no dummy! I was disappointed at my last Half back in January (but I was also injured). I wanted to run another Half that would give me a chance at something in the low 2 hour range (more on that goal tomorrow). Also, I wanted something local. Not that I won't drive, but with so many close races to choose from, there is no reason to schlep very far. I basically had three races to choose from.

I could have chosen the Palos Verdes Marathon (and Half). This is a smaller race with a local feel - kind of like the last couple of races I've run. It is also has a reputation as one of the tougher in the Los Angeles area with hills galore. This means harder work for my goal. Unlikely.

Sunday is very interesting. The Orange County Marathon (and Half) starts literally one mile from my front door. I can walk to the start line. But, the Half runs most of my normal, daily training trails. Kind of boring if you ask me. Also, while the course does not have a bunch of hills, it is not flat either. So - convenience got a huge plus, allowing me to reach my goal - not as tough as PV, but could also be a challenge - especially the hill at mile 11:

The third race to choose from is also on Sunday. The PCRF Cinco de Mayo is a Half/10K/5K option that starts at the Irvine Spectrum, about 10 miles from home. The only "hills"on this course are the overpasses over the freeway. Nice! The negatives - runs through some pretty boring residential and industrial neighborhoods. Plus, this is the first year that this race includes a Half Marathon option. But, it is flat and it is close to home. Two for two.

The choice was tough, but I ended up choosing PCRF. The OC was a close second. Being able to walk to the start line was very enticing. The crowds would be nice (right now the OC Marathon has about 10,000 registered runners). But running for two hours on the same trails that I train on would have been the ultimate in boring. I'm sure the crowd support won't be there on my Half - which means it's just me and my running partner me. Kind of like a normal training day.

As far a training, I put in my last three miles on this cycle last night. Now it's two days of rest (that's right Patrick) and some reasonable eating leading up to Sunday's race.

Oh - and the obtuse movie reference? 1973. Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider. The movie was the highly controversial "Last Tango in Paris". One of only three X rated movies to get Academy Award nominations (Brando for Best Actor, Bertolucci for Best Director). What were the other two? Guess you'll need to come back tomorrow!


  1. Does this mean that I'm both old and a nerd? (Naaawwww. It's just that high school/college English teachers know a lot of random shiz).

    I'm guessing The Exorcist and Midnight Cowboy as the two X rated movies with I right (I swear I didn't google it for the right answer...)

    Hey, thanks for the shout out. I'm thinking Long Beach 1/2 Mary in October...also nice and flat (and for you kinda close)

  2. Okay, did I already comment on this? First of all, I have no idea about the movie.

    I agree with you on running where you train. We had a race like that last year, and while it was less than a mile from my house, it was still, "eh". Also, I was wondering why there were so many people on my route?? Like, um...I sort of think it belongs to me.

    It does. It does.

    Can't wait to hear about all the tostadas you'll have after the race!!

    PS-This is the only blog where I have to type that stupid word verification twice.

  3. sounds like a good choice to me! enjoy a little down time and good luck this weekend!!

  4. Palos Verdes is on my dream sheet, though it might be awhile before I cross it off. Who knows, maybe we'll run it together when I do. At some point, you're gonna pine for hills like I do. Good luck tomorrow in the OC Half!