Monday, May 18, 2009

Week 1 Wrap Up

Yesterday put the wraps on week 1 of the new plan. Put in 4 recovery miles on the sand at the beach. Talk about a different running experience! Whew! Final stats for the week - 30 miles at an average pace of 10:18.

Now starts the mileage ramp up. On the schedule this week:

Monday: Rest day. Will probably hit the ergometer again. Stretching and core.
Tuesday: 8 miles, general aerobic. Finish it off with 10 x 100 strideouts
Wednesday: Rest day. Erg. Stretching and core.
Thursday: 9 miles, general aerobic
Friday: Rest day. Real rest.
Saturday: 12 miles long run.
Sunday: 4 miles recovery. Gym for stretching and core work.

Total this week: 33 miles.

I also firmed up my race schedule for the next couple of months. I was thinking about doing another half marathon at the end of this month (Laguna Hills), but running another half just doesn't seem that exciting right now. So, I'm going to pass on that and add a couple shorter races to my calendar. I'm going to run the Wrigley River Run 10K in Long Beach on June 6th, and then the Magic Shoe 5K here in Corona del Mar the following weekend. They actually fit pretty well - the 10K coming during a week that I build to 42 miles, and then the 5K on a step back week. I'll move things around so I get a rest day prior to each race, and move my long run day to Sunday.

Today - the erg machine! I'll follow up with some stretching and core work.


  1. Thanks for the link to the 15k plan. I had looked at those before but not the advanced one..silly me! Hope you have a good week of workouts!

  2. nice job glen! Ramp up those miles!!! :)

  3. Sounds like quite the workout! How is the Erg working for ya?

    Thanks again for your recent comment and encouragement! It is much appreciated

  4. a break from the longer-races sounds good. way to stick to the plan so far, now you just have to keep it up for weeks and weeks to come! but you can do it, i have faith. hope the erg was good to you. don't know if i ever replied back to you but i rowed at clemson. it was one of my "prereq's" when school-searching and then i didn't even end up doing it all 4 years :) it was fun, i made great friends, and the workouts were awesome! oh to have the time (and energy) for 2-3 a days...

  5. WTG I'll be in LA that weekend. Maybe I'll join you on the 10K~

  6. A recovery run on the beach? Sounds like a recipe for calf burn to me. The last time I ran on the beach, I was sore as hell. Maybe you're more used to it (or perhaps your sand is more packed than our white carbonate powder here in Florida).