Thursday, May 7, 2009

Crank it Up a Notch

As mentioned yesterday, I was ready to get back to it. I headed out the door in the late afternoon and got in 6 easy miles. I kept it slow and easy because, well, it was all I could do! My legs really didn't want to move. Without a goal race, I really don't care how fast I run. I just want to put in the miles.

Speaking of miles, thanks to all of you who provided input yesterday. I credit most of my improvement (and Lindsay validates this) in the past few months with running more miles more consistently. Speed work is fun, but just running intervals and tempos without the volume doesn't help out at mile 10. One additional piece of input from fellow runner Hillcruiser (Annadel Runner) over at Runner's World is that us older folks (old? I like to think I am in the twilight of middle age) need to think about the strain of too many hard workouts. My old plan had two speed sessions in three days (quantity over quality). The issue is whether there was enough recovery in that plan.

I took that input, some input from a post on the Runner's World Forum, and some input from Advanced Marathoning to adopt a training plan. After searching through my books, I think I have found the plan that delivers. This next cycle is the 10 week Endurance building phase of the Pfitz 24/55 Marathon plan. I like the way it lays out on paper:
  1. I get two or three rest days a week. Huge bonus. (Quality over quantity J!)
  2. I slowly build from 30 miles next week to a high of 48 miles in week nine, and average 39 mpw.
  3. Every 5 weeks is a step back week.
  4. Speed work is one day a week - and alternates between strides (10 X 100) and 4 to 5 miles at Half Marathon Pace.

If you want to look at the plan, you should be able to follow this link (if the link doesn't work, let me know - this is the first time I've used Google docs to share a file). I'm looking forward to getting started!


  1. The link worked great -- that sounds like a very do-able maintenance plan. (I might have to steal it!)

  2. haha thanks for the shoutout! It totally made me smile! I think your ideas are good! I have tried to increase mileage too quickly and it hasn't been good. can't wait to hear about your progress!

  3. You are a smart runner! Consistency seems to be the best form of training. I hope you do sign up for the Surf City Full or Half... if I see you there I'll call out, "Hey! Running Fat Guy!!" How many guys do you think will turn around because they fit that criteria?? Just wondering...

  4. Rookie just made me laugh... There's a guy on the track club who knows about my blog and whenever he sees me, he bellows "hey...heffffffer." You should see the looks he gets. I just laugh.

  5. yay another shoutout. :) your link worked for me too - looks like a solid plan to me! i would think that speed-easy/rest-speed would be tough to keep up with / stay motivated for week after week. maybe you could put an extra easy/rest day in between speed/hard days?