Thursday, April 30, 2009

T Minus 3 Days

I'm running out of things to write about. But that happens during times of taper. I put in four recovery miles at Crystal Cove State Park in the late evening and then hit the gym for some stretching and light core work. As Lindsay of chasing the kenyans and Brian of A Runner's Blog have been pointing out for a couple of days now, nothing that I'm doing now is going to change my fitness! ( Unless I overdo it -something that I used to do all the time).

So, with that in mind, today I will put in my final three miles on this cycle. The plan is a 30 minute tempo run, so I guess tomorrow's title will be "Last Tempo in Newport" (ha ha! How many of you are old enough to catch that obtuse movie reference?)

I also want to thank another blogging buddy for a great idea! Patrick (My New Life on the Run) suggested adding some Latin music to my play list in keeping with the Cinco de Mayo theme. I grew up in a predominantly Mexican area of Los Angeles, and we actually had roaming mariachi bands in restaurants on weekends, much to my delight. So, I snagged some Mariachi Sol de Mexico to add to my playlist:

My youngest son goes to school with Jose Hernandez's (the leader of this band) daughter. A couple weeks ago, the band performed at his High School just for the students! Wish I could have been there!


  1. I am SO glad that (for once) I don't "get" a reference which reminds me how old I am getting! :D

    Latin music... that's a great idea! I think I'd have to stay away from Mariachi music though. That music stimulates a Pavlov's Dogs reaction in me so that whenever I hear it, I MUST have Mexican food! Sorry, I drifted away there for a moment.

    Take it easy with the running & workouts! You do not want to overdo it.

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  3. Glenn-- I'm very psyched for you man! Three days away, I'll be thinking of you this weekend.

    Did I read right, you're taking two days off to rest before the race?

    Great choice with the mariachi band-- if that doesn't put you in the Cinco de Mayo mood I don't know what will.

    I hope they have some Margaritas waiting for you at the finish line-- you deserve it!!

  4. Wow, nice music choice. Perhaps I'll be seeing you out there this weekend! :)

  5. hope the music helps you sashay strongly to the finish line! :) well, maybe more of a stride than a sashay - might slow you down a bit if you're too busy shakin' it.

    overdoing it the week before a race used to be more forte, but i'm learning myself to believe in the taper and know that rest will be most beneficial. you'll do great!

  6. OK...I'm that old. I knew the reference (yours and earlier Jimmy Buffett's, "Last Mango in Paris") LOL

    You're going to have a great race this weekend. I just checked out your course...nice and flat...sweeeeeeet!