Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I *Think* I'm Ready

As I said in yesterday's blog, I'm coming down the home stretch. I'm keeping things easy and simple this week. Just enough to maintain fitness. Hopefully not so much that I leave myself tired. In that vein I did a quick four miles in the evening. The goal was to just put in some general aerobic miles.

The other thing that I am doing is checking out tunes for the weekend. I have a 10K race playlist that I've put together, but I don't have a two hour playlist for a half. So, I loaded the fathers (grandfathers?) of hip-hop/techno - Kraftwerk. Now kids - this is a band that I listened to in the late 70's. They were pretty far out back then. But, Ralf and Florian deliver some great techno beat - just right to keep the feet turning. I plugged in and whipped out my four miles at a pace of 8:58 and an average heart rate of 79% of max without pushing too hard. Wow. I think I'm ready. I'll look at a plan that slows down 15 seconds a mile and runs my heart rate up to 85% of max. Oh - and I'll be adding some Kraftwerk to my playlist.

Today will be my last interval workout. I'm going to keep it pretty mellow - 2 mile warm up, 6X 400 at 5K pace with 400 rest, 1 mile warm down. This should total about 6 miles total. And on tonight's playlist - some Chemical Brothers, B-52s, and maybe a little Grandmaster Flash.


  1. Hey Glenn! Thanks so much for you help and comments on my blog.

    Since you are running the Cinco de Mayo half--how about a little Latin flare on your IPOD? I have a latino song on mine-- and it really pumps me up during my run, it's entitled "Ave Maria" by David Bisbal. He won the "American Idol" (spanish version) a few years back!! It is a must!

  2. woooooooot YUP Cinco De Mayo tunes

    How about Give It To Me Remix by Madonna?

  3. You're totally ready. Just freshen up those legs and you'll do great this weekend.

  4. Another Kraftwerk fan! I love their music, though I've never run to it, except one time when Autobahn came on the radio. You sound like you're running strong and, as someone who's limping these days, that goes a long, long way. You're gonna have a great race, Glenn.

  5. They say that techno is one of the best tempos you can listen to while running - especially for half marathons or full marathons. I can't believe we're already up to May races already! You'll do awesome!