Sunday, April 5, 2009

Up the Creek

Just like most Saturday mornings deep in Marathon training. North up San Diego Creek for our long run. This week was a step back week for the marathoners, which meant 16 miles. There is a loop that we can run - some of you may have read about it here on my blog. But, the loop is only 12 miles, so anything over that means that we run an out and back on the San Diego Creek trail. My goal race is the PCRF Cinco de Mayo Half Marathon, so to run more than 12 just is not necessary nor in my makeup right now. But I still tag along with the group - I just turn around at the 6 mile point.

Yesterday's run started out innocent enough. I thought it was going to be normal and uneventful. Then, about 2 miles in, I started feeling something that I don't normally feel - my stomach. It was starting to do things that it normally doesn't do on a run. The problem on the creek trail is the first "facility" is at the five mile mark. The way I was feeling, I was afraid I was going to have to ditch the run or find a bush. Egad. Just as I was about to turn tail, things started settling down. Whew. Then, about mile 8 my stomach hit again. But this time it was different. The unmistakable rumbling of hunger! The last two miles were tough as my energy level dwindled. Note to self - next week make sure to grab something before hitting the trail!

All in all, the run went okay. 12 miles in 2:03 (average pace of 10:16). The real key here was to keep my heart rate aerobic. Check! Run completed at an average heart rate of 146 (79% of MHR)!

On plan today - a quick and easy 4 mile recovery run.


  1. I don't think 12 miles is being a "slug".....even though I know everyone has a "slug" weekend...I wish I had had your weekend. Nice 12 mile run!!!

    I try to post to your blog during the week from my Blackberry but I can't...just wanted you to know that I read it and try to post but for some reason I can't....

  2. Great run! I'm glad your tummy trouble corrected itself... you never know what might be behind that chosen bush! Nobody wants to read that you got bitten by a rattlesnake on the tooshie!

    It was WARM here today... was it warm while you were doing your 12 miles??

  3. great job on the long run. i hate stomach issues... get them too much myself! glad you didn't have to utilize the bushes.

  4. I have SOOOO been there with you on the tummy issue thing. I really know that feeling...whew...a few weeks ago, I had to do the speed-walk thing home in the morning. Glad to hear you got to the end of the run without disaster striking!