Thursday, April 9, 2009

What a Day

I left my camera at home. Grrr. Yesterday was an absolutely stunning day. Cool. Crisp. Beautiful. It was one of those Chamber of Commerce days. There was supposed to be a slight chance of rain yesterday, but by midday it was clear that the "storm" had blown through. Literally. The winds switched direction and started blowing pretty stiff from the northwest. What that did was to blow out all of the haze and junk and left some spectacular views. The views of the Pacific from the bluff top that I was running were spectacular. Of course, it made my recovery run a little tough, but I really didn't care. It was just such a beautiful day!

Oh, the run? Just your basic four mile recovery run. 10:31 pace (interesting - 10:15 outbound when the wind was at my back, 10:45 inbound running into the wind), and an average heart rate 73% of max. I also made it to the gym for some stretching, crunches and planks.

On the schedule today is a 45 minute tempo run. The last couple of weeks I've hit 5 miles, but today I may run just a tad less. My legs have been uber tired and my glutes and quads sore after the track workout Tuesday night, so I'm thinking that a little rest for them will help. I'd rather fall a half mile or so short on a hard workout and substitute some easy aerobic miles in their place.


  1. I love days like the one we had yesterday! Have a great tempo run today!

  2. LA is alays beautiful...We almost could have run together, but you still would have been faster...

    BTW the Angels pitcher just breaks my heart.