Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Are Those My Legs or are Those Rubberbands?

Last night was track night. It was supposed to be raining. But, the only thing that was dripping on the track was my sweat as I finished another two laps and grabbed my knees looking for loose change. Really - the weather was absolutely beautiful for an evening of running. Me at the end of the evening? Well that's a different question.

Most of the group had finished their goal race last weekend (the Carlsbad 5000). So, that meant a switch from shorter intervals (400s) to longer intervals. Our group ran 4 X 800 with 3 minute recovery. Normally, 800s should be run at 10K pace (for me about 8:40 a mile), but invariably with a group we all run faster. That was true last night for me:

Interval 1: 3:48
Interval 2: 3:43
Interval 3: 3:51
Interval 4: 3:49

These times are *way* faster than I would be running if I were by myself. Were talking sub 8 minute miles here. No wonder I was left gasping for air!

One thing for sure, I was *spent* when this workout was done. I wrapped things up with a mile and a half warm down for a total of six miles. My legs felt like rubber when I got home, but I sure did sleep well! Unfortunately, I had a bit of a Garmin malfunction, so I didn't collect any data during the intervals. I know I hit VO2Max heart rate roughly at the end of the first 400, so at those splits I would guestimate that I was at VO2Max for about 8 minutes last night. Once again a little shorter that my goal, but still a decent workout.

On tap tonight is an easy four mile recovery run. Once again - I'm looking forward to not pushing the pace!


  1. nice job on the speed intervals! glad the group helped push you past your normal zone.

  2. Good work at the track. Those feel good in a ungood-feeling way :)

  3. Wow, not only are you running with a fast group, but they are incredibly consistent. Stick with them.

  4. Good work on the 800's. I hate 800 m intervals, so I can't imagine doing them faster than I'm supposed to. I guess that's the advantage of the group.