Friday, April 24, 2009

I've Been Tagged!

So my blogging pal Brian over at A Runner's Blog has tagged me. Here's the challenge - list the most embarassing songs on my iPod. This was all started by Patrick over at My New Life as a Runner. Gee thanks!

Next to my Garmin, my iPod is probably the most indispensable piece of running equipment I own. (Don't give me too much grief you purists). Most of the time I listen to podcasts of various local and national radio shows. I do listen to music on tempo runs and definitely at most (but not all) races. My musical tastes are, well, different (as my college age kids remind me). So, my iPod carries a mix of talk, comedy, hip hop, alt, classic rock, country, rockabilly, western, jazz, etc. But there is definitly no pop crap on it! My point is just becuase it's embarassing, it doesn't mean I don't listen to it. It's more like it's embarassing to let you know I *do* listen to some of this stuff:
  1. Dreamland: This is a podcast by Whitley Strieber of Endtimes anyone? Oh - and he's been abducted by alien greys multiple times

  2. Coast to Coast AM: I used to be an Art Bell fanatic. Now that George Noory has taken over, this has degenerated to a bunch of simple minded dribble. For example, last night's show were on how bad genetically engineered foods are for us. Of course there was no discussion of normal tomatoes....

  3. Benny the Bouncer (Emerson, Lake and Palmer) - I thought I said I didn't have any pop on this contraption

  4. Why Do You Drink (Hank Jr.) - I love this song. Still I would be embarassed to admit it's on my iPod

  5. I'm in Miami Bitch (and others) (LMFAO) - Great running song. As a 50 year old, I'm not sure I want to admit I'm an LMFAO fan to a 2o year old.

Yesterday was a tempo run, so I did listen to my LMFAO and Fatboy Slim playlists. This hip hop/dance stuff does wonders to get my feet turning. It must have helped becuase I was able to put in 6.6 miles in 60 minutes. Average pace was 9:03 - including my 10 minute warm up and 10 minute warm down. About 35 minutes in I finally hit my target heart rate (> 85% of max) and held it there for 15 minutes. But, my heart rate was pretty erratic - up and down and all over the place. Fatigue? I think I'll just concentrate on putting in a bunch of easy miles between now and next Thursday, my final run before my target half.


  1. I didn't see number 5 coming!

  2. You're much more "hip" than I am... the only one of those I've heard of is Art Bell. Is LMFAO the name of the band? Or is that what you do when you listen to it? :D

  3. Emerson, Lake, and Palmer counts as pop music? Wow. You are a music purist... The 20 year old probably wouldn't know who ELP even is...or was...

  4. That is a great post! Good stuff. For me, it is probably a toss up between "Freedom" by Wham! or "Perfect Way" by Scritti Politti...guilty pleasures from the 80's! :)

    Enjoy your weekend, Glenn!

  5. Yeah- I have to say I am thrown by number 5 as well-- In a good way. I dig the mix of songs and artists!!

  6. haha. terrific musical selections. i'm trying to figure out how i will respond to brian's throwdown since i don't run with music and haven't updated my mp3 player in probably 2 years since it's "full" and i don't know how to delete the songs... ahh my issues. :)

  7. I didn't realize Coast to Coast had been so degraded. Bring back the Shadow People!