Thursday, April 2, 2009

Still Recovering

After revisiting the purpose of recovery runs last week, I was determined this week to do it right. And heaven knows I need it. I am back to being tired. All the time. I'm sleeping like a log at night though, so I'm not over training. Looks like I need to crank the carb engine up a little bit.

I did keep yesterday's workout in recovery range, so goal accomplished. Put in four miles at average heart rate of 73% of max. Hopefully I started pumping all those bad "waste products" out of my legs, 'cuz they sure were sore! At least it feels like I've been running.

On a related note, I've been making it to the gym on a regular basis (3 times a week) for the past couple of weeks. I usually go after my short runs (Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays). I'm not doing weights or anything, just some stretching and planks for some ab strengthening. On the positive side, I am now able to hold a plank for about 45 seconds - a lot better than the measly 15 seconds just a few weeks ago! I need to add some more core strengthening to my routine. Any suggestions?

Today's plan is a tempo run. I think it increases 10 minutes to 55 minutes today. I'm not sure - I just have it programmed into my Garmin. When I get to my starting point and get satellite lock, I'll retrieve today's workout and go (or at least try to - we'll see if my legs do what my brain is telling them to)!


  1. Crunches. 1000 a week. :)

    At least that's what I did when I was teachign PE. OK. If you do them, I will too...

    Pizza is not a good carb btw. (Found that out this morning.)

  2. Do the Laguna Hills 1/2. I'm doing it and would like to see another person kick my ass.