Monday, April 27, 2009

Unscheduled Rest Day (Again)

I had every intention of putting in four miles yesterday. The only problem was execution. I really should run early on Saturday and Sunday. But yesterday I slept in, so the morning was out. Sunday afternoons is normally grocery shopping. Yesterday was no different. Also, I normally cook dinner for the family on weekends (so my lovely wife has a night or two off). By the time I got dinner done and on the table, it was pushing 6 o'clock. I did get in my car and drive down to the Back Bay, but I got there, the wind was howling, the temperatures were dropping, my iPod was no where to be found, and my back and legs were still sore. So, I packed it in. Yes - call me a wuss. But I was the only one that had not been able to enjoy a grilled T-Bone, and frankly, that appealed to me a whole lot more than four slow miles.

Not a way to wrap up week 11 (well, maybe it is), but I still got in over 30 miles (31 to be exact). That's 8 of the last nine weeks over 30 miles.

I hope today is not a repeat! Ha! No - I'll get an easy four miles in. This week's plan:

Monday - 4 mile easy run. Gym for stretching and core work.
Tuesday - Easy intervals. 2 mile warm up, 6 X 400 at 5K pace, 1 mile warm down for 6 miles total
Wednesday - 4 miles recovery. Gym for stretching.
Thursday - 3 miles easy. Gym for stretching.
Friday, Saturday - Scheduled rest. Eat well. Rest body.
Sunday - Apple fritter. Coffee. PCRF Cinco de Mayo Half Marathon! Woo hoo!


  1. Apple fritter? As in the doughnut type? Is that a good pre-race food? I hope so...those are my favorite!!!

  2. Don't beat yourself up about the unexpected day off. You should celebrate the fact that you listened to your body and it's pains and took the day off-- lots of us don't do that.

    In response to your comments on my last post. There is no way in hell that I will be able to keep up my pace in the last few 5k for an entire half marathon. In the 5K's-- I REALLY push it and feel dead after 3.1-- I can't imagine going another 10 miles at that pace. I am trying to follow some of your training-- but speed is not my major concern for this half marathon.

    Question: I see you've run up to 12miles during your training for this half--- Is that your cut off?? or do you go for the full 13.1 before race day?

    I have heard both pros and cons of running the full length before the actual event. At this point I am shooting for 11 miles

  3. A grilled T-Bone is ALWAYS more appealing than 4 miles.

  4. an extra day off won't set you back at this point. 2 months ago if you were making excuses, yeah just a bit ;), but you're in the home stretch now. gotta listen to your body and rest up!

  5. I would say you were entitled to the day off!