Saturday, April 25, 2009

Back to the Task at Hand

Okay - enough non-running fun stuff. I'll have plenty of time for that in a week. Back to the pavement for six recovery miles. It's been a while since I've run on a Friday, and I think my body was rebelling for doing so. I'm convinced that fatigue is at play here (even though the graphs say otherwise) because it was really difficult for me to get *any* type of consistency yesterday. I just felt kind of clumsy the whole run. The final statistics bear that out - average pace of 10:56 (fastest mile 10:37, slowest mile 11:08) at an average heart rate of 71% of max.

I'm coming up on one week until my goal Half Marathon. This will be my third Half, but the first where I've been able to complete a training program in preparation. My first Half Marathon was the Orange County Half, back in January 2008. I had been running about 6 months at that point, and thought I was doing well to be running 20 miles a week. Finished in 2:24. My second was the Southern California Half back in January. Training was going well until I pulled a groin running in a wet and slippery Dana Point Turkey Trot. Training in December of last year was sporadic at best as I played with pain and tried to rest to take care of the injury. Finished in a disappointing 2:19. This time, I've been consistent since the last week of January. I've put in 415 or so mixed miles on this cycle, and will be able to complete the plan in it's entirety. I feel pretty confident that with proper rest next week, I should be able to get into the low 2 hour time frame (2:05 would be nice).

So, I'm going to concentrate on putting in some slow miles in for the next 6 days. Today - 12 miles at 10:30 or so. Catch you tomorrow morning!


  1. Don't get too discouraged about your Friday run-- we all have bad days! As you know I am also training for a half-- trying to follow your plan. This will be my first and concerned more with finishing than I am with speed-- but still hoping for sub 2:30. Keep up the hard work, it will pay off!

  2. Oh, Running Fat Guy... you will do great on your half! And I bet you're not really fat.

  3. i second patrick, we all have a bad/off training day! hopefully the consistent and more-intense training will payoff with the pr you are hoping for! it's amazing how a little regularity in running helps you improve - i saw it in my marathon times recently so i have no doubts in you! enjoy the last few days leading up to the race and try to not let your thoughts get too crazy. you've put in the work and you are ready!