Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cranking out the Miles

Yesterday was a the normal short sweet Monday four mile easy run. Cranked it out at an average pace of 9:17 and an average heart rate of 81% of MHR. I even made it to the gym for some stretching and core work afterwards.

Thanks everyone for your comments yesterday regarding my weight loss! It's nice to get acknowledgement from others that are putting in the work! Thanks again! And no Rookie - I still have a *long* way to go before I need to worry about renaming this blog! (By the way - congratulations on finishing your first race!)

Also, Brian pointed out yesterday about wearing through the soles of my Asics GT 2140s in 400 miles. He has a pair of Adidas that are still going strong at 500. One thing I want to point out - around here "trail" just means that cars aren't allowed. The "trails" are paved. I actually do very little running off either asphalt or concrete. Plus, I'm sure the extra weight that I'm still carrying around does a lot to break shoes down quicker. Not to mention my shuffling gait (as opposed to the gazelle like strides of most runners). I'm just happy to be getting almost double the wear at a cost of 30% less per shoe. Big savings!

Well - it's Tuesday. Than means intervals this evening. There is actually rain in the forecast today. I'm not sure if the group meets when it rains (I've been running with the Tuesday group now only for a few weeks), so if it doesn't I'll probably hit the trails for an easy six miles and just do one day of speed work this week. We'll see how the afternoon shapes up.


  1. I've ran in both Kayanos and GT2140s. They don't feel as good as my Nike Structure Triax, but I use them in my rotation. I hope they continue to work out for you!

  2. i always thought the shoe-mileage rule varied anyway depending on the shoe and the wearer (weight, running form, etc). don't blame it all on your weight ;)