Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Quickie on the Erg

Okay folks. Minds out of the gutter please. The motion on a rowing machine may be well suited, but two sweaty bodies grunting and groaning. Hmmm. Pretty kinky…

Actually the quickie was a 3 sets of 12 minutes with a 3 minute rest. The first set was done at 26 strokes per minute, the second at 28 spm, and the final at a pedestrian 22 spm. Finished 7710 meters (4.8 miles) in 36 minutes of rowing. My arms are still quivering.

Tonight it’s the hills with Cal Coast. This will be my first time running hills with the club. I think I’ll be looking at a bunch of backs all night long…..


  1. Have fun running tonight in the hills. "The hills have eyes" lol. Watch out! Take care!

  2. Have fun running the hills! I think it'll be nice to have company on the run.

  3. Aw, have a great time running hills with your club tonight!

    I'll be bringing up the back of my running group, too, in Palos Verdes.

  4. Have fun running the hills! I

  5. Row, row, row your boat....

    Great exercise! I used the rowing machine for awhile at the gym, but 10 min was all I could stand, boredome-wise.

  6. Great job Glenn! Have fun on those hills! RnR is almost here!!!