Monday, May 3, 2010

Trying to Convince Myself

(Author’s note: I want to start by apologizing for the self centeredness of this post. Yes. I’m trying to convince myself…)

Well – this past recovery cycle has been anything but smooth. Seems like I’m starting, stopping, nursing pains and niggles, starting again, stopping again. It’s been anything *but* consistent. But the desire to train, smoldering for a few weeks now, is starting to come back to life. I need to take advantage of it and get rolling this week.

My challenge is finding a training plan (a) that is not going to drive me into the ground and (b) will keep me motivated even without a goal race on the calendar. Last Tuesday, I was convinced that I was going to try the marathon training plan in Brain Training by Matt Fitzgerald. As I started laying out the plan though, I did a double take. Hmm. Two hard workouts per week. 28 weeks. Uh. No. There are a lot of things that I like about Fitzgerald’s philosophy, but I’m just afraid that too many hard workouts for too many weeks will have me hitting the eject button real early in the cycle.

So, here’s my plan. Since I have no goal race scheduled, there’s no reason to max out my training effort. I’m going to select the Higdon Intermediate II plan. Enough miles to keep me honest, but nothing that’s going to drive me into the ground. The plan has one day set aside for cross training (Mondays) – perfect for rowing. I’ll switch out Tuesdays for my interval workouts with Cal Coast. Then, I’ll supplement the plan with strength and conditioning drills from Fitzgerald. Kind of like the best of both worlds.

Here’s how it sorts out this week:

  • Monday: Erg 45 minutes – about 4 miles. Resistance workout consisting of one set each: Lying Hip Abduction, Cook Hip Lift, Kneeling Overhead Draw In, Knee Fall Out, Squat Jump
  • Tuesday: Intervals with Cal Coast – about 5 miles
  • Wednesday: 5 mile GA. 20 seconds of “no arms” running. 20 seconds of one leg hop.
  • Thursday: 3 mile recovery run
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: 10 mile medium long run. Take it easy.
  • Sunday: 5 mile MP run. Resistance workout consisting of one set each: Lying Hip Abduction, Cook Hip Lift, Kneeling Overhead Draw In, Knee Fall Out, Broad Jump
  • Total miles: around 32.

I’m also going to adopt what Fitzgerald calls “proprioceptive cues” – those thoughts and sensations that are used to control movement in certain ways. It’s a big word to say “focus on something small each week to help with stride development.” This week it’s “fall forward”. I want to catch myself with each step I take this week. The purpose of this drill is to shorten my stride and have my feet land closer to my center of gravity. So – think “fall forward”!

Now its nose to the grindstone….


  1. I'm so glad you have found something you think might work for you, Glenn. ::hugs::

  2. I hate to keep harping but you STILL need to read CHI Running because the proprioceptive cues are the exact same ones in CR and CR really focuses on the relaxation in the stride when you are doing all of these different cues and stride changes with form, etc. PLEASE, give it a try. I've read both books and CR helped me integrate Fitzgerald's philosophy a little bit better and understand how and why. I even feel like CR helped me with the "during the race" stuff rather than just in training. I can even lend you the book and send it by mail if you want to borrow it! Email me!

  3. I totally understand that you're the compulsive engineering type. I'm the compulsive math type, but I fight to be free.

    How 'bout if you feel like running 5 slow, you do that? Then the next day the spirit moves you to do sprints, so you do that? Go with the flow?

    No? Probably not. :-)

  4. I think you found the perfect plan, a combination of both seems to suit you better. We're all an experiement of one so what works for someone doesn't necessaril for another. I do like Matt's plan, but it is intense. (his other book I love is: Racing Weight).

    Thanks for the link to the heel problems, too. I think that was one of about four thousand I looked at. I'm encouraged with the new shoes. Feels ok to run, but normal shoeless walking is still bothersome. Guess I'll just have to constantly run??? ;)

  5. this fall-forward idea is interesting to me... i need a video lesson please! (what i am trying to imagine in my head is probably not the way it ought to be done) :)

    keep chugging along out there. it took me almost 9 months to feel uplifted/motivated towards running again. hmm 9 months, i guess i had to have a running-emo-funk baby.

  6. 28 weeks is a super long time for a training program! Welcome to the dark side of no training plan! lol