Thursday, August 5, 2010

Finally Underway

Well – the next training cycle finally got underway on Wednesday. Three miles in the Back Bay. We were supposed to start on Tuesday, but between my son’s college orientation and my wife’s visiting family Tuesday became a write off. Not the best way to start a training cycle – hopefully it doesn’t portend things to come.

Now that I’m back to training, I’ll also be posting my progress (or lack thereof) toward my diet goal:

  • Daily calorie budget: 1762
  • Calories consumed: 2104
  • Exercise burn: 489
  • Net calories: –146

Today – 45 minute tempo run. Yikes!


  1. Yay to the start of a new cycle! Doesn't matter that the start was delayed. What matters is that you have now started. Good luck!

  2. Flexibility is key.

    I love that you're posting your daily calorie intake. I've been too much of a chicken to do that.

  3. Whoo hoo! This is so exciting, I love that you are training with your son!

    I'm with Aka Alice, I'm way too chicken to post my daily intake.

  4. hey some training programs have you start with a rest day! those random ones where people take monday off... personally i don't get it. if i take monday off i'm bound to have more than one rest day a week since i tend to slack/lose mojo as the week goes on.

    so yeah... just say it was planned ;)