Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nine Miles and a Cloud of Dust

Normally, my long runs are in the mornings with my running club. But, after a fitful night of sleep, I slept well beyond my normal wakeup time. I wasn’t about to run without having my coffee, so I put it off. And put it off. And put it off a little longer. Finally, around 6:30 PM, I shuffled out the door for my scheduled nine miler.

I put nine in the books, but I’m really shocked at the loss of fitness that has occurred. Well, maybe not shocked given how inconsistent my training has been. Concerned might be a better word. The run was a Higdon 3/1 – the first 2/3 (6.75 miles) run at a normal long run pace, and the final third (2.25 miles) at race pace. I had no trouble with the first 2/3s of the run, and for a change, I actually kept it in the target zone. I picked up the pace when I hit 6.75 miles, and settled in to HM pace. For about a mile. Yikes!

Now – I’m not totally devastated for a number of reasons. First, I was woefully under fueled. I hadn’t had anything to eat since lunch, and even after dinner:

  • Calorie budget:1762 calories
  • Food consumed: 1937 calories
  • Exercise calories: 1448 calories
  • Net calories: 489 less than plan

And those 489 remaining calories were *after* dinner which was *after* my run.

Second, my issues in that last couple miles wasn’t a cardio issue. My heart rate never got into the 90% MHR range. Rather – my legs were sore and heavy. That’s something I can work on. And will over the next few weeks….


  1. When I read you finally left for your run at 6:30 pm I had to laugh because I didn't expect it to be "PM" as I was reading. I was also inspired because like you, I didn't get out yesterday morning, but unlike you I was busy drinking wine at 6:30PM and never got around to running at all.D-Oh!
    Good for you for getting out there! That fitness will come back.

  2. You get 1,900 calories for 9 miles? No fair I only got 1,300 calories for 10 miles!

    This running stuff is tiring!

    What's the plan for the sore and heavy legs? I am having the same problem.

  3. You will be back in no time. A good plan for sore and tired legs is - ice bath - elevate - massage - rest - and keep running. :)

  4. I think afternoon or evening running takes a whole different meaning b/c of the different type of fueling you gotta do all day. I don't know if you've read the book "Racing Weight" but in it it talks about how many calories to eat (percentage) and the carb/protein/fat ratios for WHEN you run. It's interesting, but I'm not sure how anyone can logistically figure that out for every run - unless you plan so far in advance, which we know we as mere mortals cannot do. Good job getting out there eventually, Glenn...that says a lot :).

  5. They are a little pricey, but I would totally recommend compression tights to help with the legs. I think the 2XU ones are $90, but they are worth it. I ran 8 miles on Friday, Biked 40 miles yesterday, biked 32 miles this morning, and will run 4-5 miles later this afternoon. Tights on at night and right now. My legs feel fine.

    Do the ice bath too...

  6. Congratulations on finally getting out there, Glenn.

    I can't believe it was 6:30 PM and you were under-nourished!

    Maybe it's time for a massage for those legs, Glenn?

  7. is there something bad about having cals left to eat after running? i mean... that's my justification to have dessert!

    i putzed around this morning but not quite until 6:30pm. i meant to go out around 7:30am... but didn't get out the door until 9. the heat was awesome.

  8. I procrastinated this weekend too. Not getting out first thing really makes it tough to get out for a run later in the day! Great job getting in the miles - I am sure your fitness will be back soon!

  9. Don't forget you were running at a different time of the day. I know if I start running after 8 a.m., I really struggle. So, cut yourself some slack and give yourself a pat on the back for making it out there.