Monday, August 9, 2010

A Weekend of Running

This post will be like my weekend of running – short.

Saturday – 9 miles on the San Diego Creek trail. Nothing too exciting or news worthy. Sunday – 3.7 miles in El Moro (Deer Canyon Loop). It was nice to be back on the trails.

Saturday’s calorie count:

  • Daily calorie budget: 1762
  • Calories consumed: 3105
  • Exercise burn: 1303
  • Net calories: +40

Sunday’s calorie count:

  • Daily calorie budget: 1762
  • Calories consumed: 2801
  • Exercise burn: 652
  • Net calories: +388

So, for the week:

  • 20.2 miles, 4.3 less than plan
  • 295 calories over plan

Hmm. Now I see why I’m not losing weight.

On the schedule this week:

  • Monday: Cross train. I’ll try to climb on the erg for 30 minutes.
  • Tuesday: 7 hill repeats. One mile warm up, one mile cool down for about 5.5 miles
  • Wednesday: 3 miles easy
  • Thursday: 30 minute tempo
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: ??
  • Sunday: 5K race
  • Total – 17.5 – 20 miles

The reason for the questions about Saturday is that I’m supposed to race a 5K on Sunday. But, not only do I not feel that I am ready for one (and why waste the money), I’m having trouble finding one close by. So, I may switch up Sunday’s race for six miles or so on Saturday.

Finally – I received no responses for my question last week about “Away We Go!” Here’s a photo from Jackie Gleason’s mausoleum in Miami:


And – because I’m an old fart and can still remember that far back – Johnny Olson was the announcer on the old Jackie Gleason show (not the Honeymooners) – who would start every week’s show with Jackie’s tagline as the June Taylor Dancers made their way out on the stage. Ahhhhh! Saturday evening family TV in the 60’s!


  1. Hmm. Now I see why I’m not losing weight. Yeah. It's sometimes painful to see the numbers right in front of you. ::sigh:: Why must yummy foods contain so many calories?

  2. Plateaus are normal. Stick with it and the pounds will go away.

  3. Your line about not losing weight made me laugh out loud. I would be scared to actually count the calories I am currently consuming. A non-running BoB is a fatty BoB. LOL!

    Isn't a little hot for a 5K anyway? It's hot as hades here at least.

  4. I hate counting calories, there are always too many. But it is a must to lose weight, I know!

  5. You've got plenty of routes marked out, run the Glenn Jones 5k, someplace scenic.

  6. I'm with you and green girl on the calories. It makes logical sense, but it's just so painful. I don't want to live in a world that I can't eat ice cream!

  7. Nice to see you're back on the trails!
    Hang in there with the weight WILL do it!

  8. I must admit that I haven't been combing through the blog too deeply, so I apologize for a question that you may have already answered, but how do you calculate the calories? Do you sue software and calculate on the fly? Do you have a menu and calculate from the menu and hope that the preparation is close? Do you take the packaging numbers or do you use a federal food guide? Any info would help me as well. Thanks.

  9. Don't worry, your metabolism will speed up and your muscles will need more over time. You will start to show it. Fat hates a runner.

  10. I hate it when you run mile after mile, up and down hills, and finished beat up - then the Garmin shows you burned like 900 calories? How are you supposed to go get ice cream after that??? Keep up the work and you will reach your goal.

  11. you've been tracking those numbers for awhile g... you just now thought to add 'em up? ;)

    hope your week is off to a good start!

  12. I'm really amazed at how you are able to track your calories as closely as you do. Those 9 milers are going to go a long way to your goal!

    BTW, I agree with Kovas....hold the course, as long as your math is sound, they'll come off.