Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Lack of Consistency is Alarming

I missed yet another day of training on Sunday. Work called. Not that I stand a real chance winning the bid for the proposal I spent the weekend on (that’s not a bad thing given the job), but I had to go through the effort for the client. Sigh. Four miles were flushed away as a result.

So – last week wrapped up with runs on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. A busted interval workout, a tempo run and a long run for a total of 17 miles. Crap. I’ve got a half marathon in seven weeks. And I haven’t run with any volume (more than 20 miles) since the last week in June. Crap. Well – I guess that’s why running is a hobby. Until I can figure out how to make a living at it….

At the risk of another broken week (I already know Thursday is going to be a problem), here’s my current schedule:

  • Monday: Schedule rest day
  • Tuesday: 8 hill repeats. One mile warm up and warm down for a total of 6 miles
  • Wednesday: 3 miles easy
  • Thursday: 45 minute tempo. About 4 1/2 miles.
  • Friday: Scheduled rest day (I may flop this with Thursday so I can get my appointment and run in).
  • Saturday: 9 mile long run.
  • Sunday: 3 miles easy
  • Total planned: 25.5 miles

I’ve got seven weeks to Long Beach. Time to get serious or wonder about the wisdom of spending the dough….


  1. At least you're consistently inconsistent. I've found that moving my training to early morning is the optimal way to have the least excuses. Yes it's hard for some to get up early, but it's time you have total control over.

  2. Good to know I am not the only one behind on my training for LB! Either way you'll make it and do a great job!

  3. Agree with Kovas. If I don't get my training in early it runs the risk of not getting done. I've had to do some evening runs recently, and its hard to keep them on the agenda as the day stacks up.

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  5. This could very well be the same title of my blog post! I wish there was a fool-proof way to get past some bumps in the road, so to say. I agree with the others who mentioned getting the workout or run in early, but it's a matter of waking up. LOL.

  6. Sorry about the side-swipe. Definitely agree about the running only supposed to be a hobby, especially when you've got lots of other stuff going on in LIFE like family and work.

    It would be cool to make a living out of running, though! Or at least have more flexibility with the 9-5 (or more like 7:30-5). Yes, I wake up at 5 almost daily for the sake of running before life can take a strike at my intent to run. It gets VERY tiring, though!

  7. Like you mentioned, running should be a hobby that allows you to relax and clear your mind. I think when it starts to stress you out, it is time to rethink the running aspect not the entry fee. I've been going out on a lot of fun runs (sans Garmin) and then I just head back when I feel like it. It's nice! I am going back to track this evening though. That is the opposite of fun running. Haha!

  8. I agree with Kovas, I moved my running to the morning and have not missed one of my training goals.

    All the people that want to cause you problems sleep in. You can beat them by getting up earlier.

    It's more than a hobby for you. Guys who build model planes to not take courses on cutting balsa wood quickly with exacto-knives.

  9. Kovas is right, you're consistently being inconsistent so there's consistency for you :). Nah, you're doing well, no worried for LB! Hang in there!!!

  10. Yup, like everyone else, I was highly amused by Kovas' 'consistently inconsistent' comment.

    Good luck, Glenn. I believe in you - you will make it happen.

  11. Well, it happens to everyone I think. You are going to do great in your race anyway. BUT I also will say that if I can get my butt out of bed and get some time in, it makes the rest of my day better.

  12. i know you typically have to get up pretty early for work calls, but maybe you can plan for some am runs a few days a week? perhaps having to stick to a schedule that kinda revolved around work would help? i dunno.

    you do need to get on the ball though or else consider totally switching things up and taking 2-4 weeks off from running. it helped me, anyway.

    at least you got in the 17-miler. distance is key... good luck! of course i don't WANT you to have to go hiberate from running.

  13. Concentrate on enjoying the runs you do get it, and if you want to do LB for a PR, maybe it's not going to happen this year. If you want to run it for fun, you'll do just fine.

    Maybe time to focus on the next run, post-LB?

  14. Keep at it Glenn - at least you are not giving up. Also, when you figure out that running/not having to work bit, please call me. :-) Have a good week of training!

  15. You're doing WAY better than me!

    Long Beach in SEVEN weeks...GAH!

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