Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wow! What a Craptastic Week!

Okay – a small attempt at humor. This is actually a two part blog post – “Wow!” followed by “What a Craptastic Week”. First the good stuff…


As I was wrapping up my day Friday, I received this email from the Events Director from the Dana Point Chamber of Commerce”

“I was looking through mentions of the Dana Point Turkey Trot via Google and came across your blog.  I saw that you might not be participating in the Dana Point Turkey Trot this year because of crowding and wanted to let you know that we are changing a few things.  We have seen a lot of feedback regarding crowding and safety, so this year the start and finish will be located in the parking lot of Doheny State Beach.  That gives us a lot more space to spread runners out and the course (as of right now) will go backwards, so there is not that squeeze over the Doheny park bridge at the beginning of the course.

If you have any other feedback from a runner’s perspective, I would love to hear it.  Hope to see you in November.”

As I said earlier. Wow. An Events Director that is taking the initiative. I guess I need to take back all those things I was talking with my wife about – how customer service is a lost art. Way to go Dana Point Chamber of Commerce! I’m in on Turkey Day! (For a refresher, here’s what I said about this race a couple weeks ago.)

And now for…

What a Craptastic Week!”

That about sums it up. Monday’s rowing session was canceled due to work commitments. Tuesday’s run went well, but Wednesday saw the big goose egg again as work called. Thursday I embarked on a 30 minute tempo run, but I only covered 3.1 miles on a somewhat hilly course. Friday was a scheduled rest day. Then today (Saturday). Well, let’s just say it’s been a while since I’ve run 5 miles with such a high perceived effort (heart rate monitor strap was nowhere to be found)and such a slow pace (slower than 10:00).

To top it off, I haven’t been able to accurately track my calories since Wednesday, and I’ve been plowing through the junk food the last couple of days. Just today I’m around 500 calories over budget. Time for a reset!

Tomorrow morning I’m hitting the trails in Laguna Coast for 6 or so miles. Resetting…. NOW!!!!


  1. That's killer about DP. Hope to see you there now.

  2. That's so cool the race director listened and is on board with some changes - yay!! And I'm with you on the reset button!!! I've consumed about 30000 excess calories this weekend...and I'm not even running to get it off. UGH. Maybe we need to keep each other accountable :).

  3. That is awesome that the race director is taking the time to read feedback and actually reaching out!

  4. I HATE it when work gets in the way of running.

    It's been birthday weekend...I haven't even thought about the number of calories I've consumed. Like a true Scarlette O'hara...I'll think about that tomorrow!

    Cool about the ED contacting you. It must be your HUGE blog following that did it!

  5. you're pretty important - I will call you Sir Running Fat Guy from now on!

  6. Nice hearing back from the race director! You ran way the heck out in the Valley with your tweeps last Thanksgiving.

  7. Nice when a race director is proactive. Sometimes when you have a job, running can only be a recreational pursuit - sad but true since most of us can't do it for a living. Enjoy the week!

  8. love that race director. worth giving the race another shot!

    yikes on the food. i'm in the same boat. "i'll start tracking tomorrow..." i just don't want to own up to the fact that i am eating wayyyy too many calories. :( we can do this! (yes i had more ice cream today)

  9. That is really cool that the race director emailed you! I love that initiative!

    Sorry about the bad running week. Next week will be better!

  10. Wow. A race director got in touch with you and wanted feedback and is actually open to the changes! That is awesome.

    Good luck with the calorie counting. I suck at that, but am working to change.

  11. Wow that is amazing that she contacted you!! Hopefully with all the changes the race will go better this year!

  12. FYI. that's a run racing event. :) See you there!

  13. That's really a big "wow." Kinda cool that the race promoters/director actually read blogs! Better yet, they responded!

    I'm all for a reset! I also need one of those, too. I'd love to reset everything since March, but that's another story. It's a new week, and a new outlook. You'll rock it. Right?

  14. That's a pretty cool Wow! I had my own wow - also in relation to customer service. I filled out a customer comment card online not expecting a single thing to come of it. I just wanted to request they bring back one of my favorite Morningstar products. Imagine my surprise on last Friday when the store's food manager e-mailed me asking that I give him a call!

    I have yet too do it. But hopefully something good can come of it for me, too!

  15. Wow, that is awesome that you actually heard back from a RD. Hopefully they make some of those changes and everything falls into place!