Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gear Review!

About a week and half ago, I won a giveaway. Yippee for me! This in itself is a major deal – the last time I won anything, I must have been a wee tot. So – I was excited when Rad Runner told me that I had won her Alo giveaway. Not only did I win a contest – but it was for something that I could use! A few days later I sent my info to her, and viola! Within a day I had a package from Alo. Nice customer service!

I received a short sleeve Bamboo tee (unfortunately that’s *not* me modeling the shirt):M1016R-f

I took it out for a spin on Sunday traipsing through the trails of the Laguna Coast Wilderness. Here are my thoughts (on a scale of 1-5, 5 being a-okay):

  • Comfort – 5: There is something about the bamboo (that’s right) cotton blend. It is comfy comfy comfy. I would replace all of my other tech shirts in a second with more made of this blend. Unlike some of my rougher tech shirts, there was absolutely no hint of chafing anywhere. Especially on those oh so sensitive areas on a guy’s torso…
  • Wicking – 3: This is more a personal thing, but as much as I sweat, I *need* something that will wick moisture (okay – sweat) well. This shirt certainly wicked, but as much as I sweat it had a difficult time keeping up. By the time I was done with an easy four miles in the 65 degree/85 percent humidity weather, i was a sopping dripping mess. To be fair, if it were the middle of the day with lower humidity, I probably wouldn’t have left a trail of sweat.
  • Quick Dry – 5: Since, in general, I get soaked regardless what I wear, a *very important* measure to me is how quickly my shirt (or clothing in general) dries. I can tell you – I was shivering uncontrollably in San Francisco when I was standing in the cold still soaked 20 minutes after my race. Well – with this shirt, I was dry and comfortable within 10 minutes after my run. Outstanding!
  • Overall – 4++: This is now *the* most comfortable workout shirt in my collection. Guys - if you have an opportunity to get an Alo shirt – do it!

Thanks again Alo and Rad Runner!


  1. Congrats on winning that shirt. They have some really cute women stuff too. I will web window browse a bit...just a tiny bit.

  2. Great review Glenn! The shirt looks great! I purchased a few bamboo shirts for my college boy and he said that they are the best! He is pretty picky with his clothes and comfort is a must:) Congrats on the very cool giveaway win!

  3. But you'll have those amazing abs when you are done with your Western States next year!! :)

  4. Congratulations! And thanks for the shirt review. I'll take a look at the Alo website. I like soft.

  5. Nice! I've never heard about this company before, so I appreciate hearing about their products. And congrats on being a winner!

  6. When I saw that picture in my RSS reader, I was all impressed that one of my blog friends was looking that hot! Heh.

    Congratulations on winning and I'm glad you like the shirt!

  7. Glenn, thanks for the review, I will keep that in mind. I sweat miserably and the humidity makes it 4000000x worse. There is not a shirt out there that can match what I drip off I don't think. But comfy, now we're talking.

  8. Thanks for the review, Glenn. I have never looked into the bamboo cotton blend stuff. It has been a sticky, hot summer here, and I could use some comfy shirts like this!

  9. I'm really intrigued by the bamboo shirts, not only from a function standpoint, but from a "green" standpoint. I'll have to take a peek at the Alo website. Nice review, and you really put it to the test.