Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Eight Mile Circle Fest

Last night I was back on the track for an interval session. With a 10K coming up this Saturday, this week's workouts are just a tad easier. Instead of the six 800s before, last night's workout was 5 X 800. What a difference that one interval makes! Also, my afternoon snacking seems to have energized me come run time.

The stats:

Interval 1: 4:13
Interval 2: 4:10
Interval 3: 4:13
Interval 4: 4:13
Interval 5: 4:13

That was the consistency that I was looking for the last time I ran these things. And, like two interval sessions ago, last night's session was pretty effortless. Add to that I was able to get into VO2Max range for about 12 minutes last night. Check mark next to quality workout. With the 3.25 mile warm up, mile warm down, and 400 yard rest steps, I put in a total of 8 miles.

On the plan tonight - an 11 mile general aerobic run. I think I'll do another Back Bay loop. Just so I can beat it into submission.

I'm changing things up a little toward the end of the week. Normally, Friday is a rest day, Saturday is a long day, and Sunday is a recovery day. This week's plan has me running a 10K this weekend. I found one that got some good reviews, so I'll be running the Jet to Jetty 10K. A few folks I know should be there, including Kathleen of Write-Sizing fame. It is always cool to put faces with names! Long run moves to Sunday this week.

Finally, I'm going to need to swap Thursday and Friday this week. I was one of those "lucky" folks to have tickets to the now cancelled Aerosmith/ZZ Top tour. In case you hadn't heard, Steven Tyler fell off the stage in Sturgis (I didn't know the guy was a biker!) and broke his shoulder. The tour was cancelled last week. (By the way - I highly recommend LiveNation for concert tickets. My refund including all fees was promptly and painlessly done. Concert cancelled Friday - money back on Monday.) I was really bummed on Friday, because I was really looking forward to seeing ZZ Top. Well, *early* Saturday morning (while I was getting ready to head out the door for my 20 miler) I received an email from LiveNation that ZZ Top was going to do their own tour. Before this story gets too long, I was able to snag three tickets to see ZZ Top tomorrow at the House of Blues at Downtown Disney! I'll be taking my two boys for a night of raucous, and I hope, LOUD Tejas Blues! Yippee! I'll try to bring back some pics!


  1. Good luck on your 10K. Don't over do it though. And have fun at ZZ Top!!! Very cool.

    The PFunk reference passed over a few people's heads. Glad to know someone out there got it! Her name starts with a P so I naturally thought of PFunk.

  2. Good luck on the 10k!! I saw a pic of Steven Tyler and he looks like hell. Holy crap! Have fun at the concert. :)

  3. Have a great time at ZZ Top! That sounds like so much fun!

  4. Those are some quality runs this week in addition to a 10k on Saturday. Good luck in your race.

    I come from near Sturgis. I can see how Steven would fall on the stage.

  5. Don't forget your "Cheap Sunglasses." Enjoy!

  6. ZZ TOP ROCKS!!! I am jealous. I want to see a photo of you crowd surfing!!!!

    Good luck on the 5k..BTW I can't believe you saw the fly video-- damn youtube :)

  7. Good luck on the 10k and I hope you have a great time at the concert! Those intervals are insanely consistent! Way to go!

  8. Thanks for the recommendation on LiveNation for tickets.

  9. those are great 800s! nice consistency!

    glad things worked out for the most part with the concert. that's really cool about the ease-of-refund!