Monday, August 10, 2009

Had to Take a Rain Check

I'm physically falling apart a little bit here. After my run Saturday evening I had a really hard time sleeping. I'm not sure if it was because I was keyed up after a late run, but I can tell you my sore back didn't help. Then, I got up yesterday after a fitful night of sleep and my lower back was so sore it was painful to sit. It hurt to stand. It hurt to walk. It hurt to sit. It just plain hurt. I should have taken some ibuprofen, but I was sure that it would get better as the day went along. I've been suffering a lot of DOMS lately - this generally means I'm hitting it too hard. I can't help but think that week off isn't helping right about now.

I tried waiting as long as I could, but finally at 7:30 yesterday evening I threw in the towel. I still couldn't walk easily without pain - I didn't see how I was going to be able to put in seven miles in the shape I was in. I suppose waxing a car and fixing lawn sprinklers didn't help.

So, I wrap up last week a little short: 37 instead of the planned 44 miles. I did get my quality session in, so I'm not going to stress about it. My back is still a little sore this morning, but nothing like it was yesterday. I'm going to take my Monday rest day, and move ahead on the rest of my week:

Monday: Rest. Get this back better.
Tuesday: 6 mile recovery run. I know it's a big week if it starts with a recovery run
Wednesday: 12 miles. 5 easy followed by 7 at HMP.
Thursday: 12 general aerobic miles
Friday: Rest.
Saturday: 20 mile long run. This is the second of three on this plan.
Sunday: 5 mile recovery run

This is another peak weak at 55 miles. Other than my back, I'm feeling pretty strong, so I'm going to attack this week like a mutha! Also, after this it's downhill to marathon day on October 11th! Two more fifty mile weeks, but also a lot of 40 mile weeks (more my style). Long Beach here I come!


  1. I think resting today is an excellent idea. Be careful with that back. Back injuries are touchy at best. Just shy of 44 is still a kick a$$ week. October 11 huh? Can't wait. I'll be cheering you on!

  2. Take care of your back. I have been confined to the house due to back trouble and it's worth taking some rest for.

    Great training! Your # of Ks rocks!

  3. I agree-resting is good!! I've noticed as "I get older" god I hate saying that-that I need rest days and they make me stronger. Of course I don't get rest days when i work....

    I may do the LB half-I want to get a big ass california Dreamin medal!!!!

  4. Resting is a good idea Glenn! You can't keep going forever. Whenever I am feeling that way I rest and feel so much better and rejuvenated the next run. I hope it's the same for you!

  5. Sounds like the rest will indeed do you some good. Get yourself in tip-top shape before the final push to race day.

  6. Glenn- I'm so sorry about your back! Ugh...back pain is really rough- definately a good idea to rest and not aggravate it. I'll be praying for a quick recovery. Christine

  7. Glenn-- I am jumping on the pulpit right now: You have to be careful. Don't push it. The advice is easier given than taken-- this I realize but lower back pain is nothing to mess around with.. Take today off but if it's not better tommorow there's nothing wrong with taking that off either. You have PLENTY of time to train for your Oct marathon.

    Off pulpit now.

    I agree with B.o.B. 44 is still a great week.

  8. 37 is still solid, especially after all those days off w/ traveling and such. i wouldn't worry about it! back aches are nothing to mess around with, so if you have to rest/do cross-training definitely sub the runs this week.

    loved your comment today. feel free to send me the bill for the drycleaner, haha.

  9. Im sure if I posted about my back hurting you would tell me to rest! So I am returning the favor and telling you to get some rest and quality sleep and I know you will feel better!

    yes swimming is great, and I admit I love a swimmers body - hmm I am dating a swimmer right now lol! But I will always love running!

    Also I found a headlamp online - Dont have the link here with me at work but its pretty cheap. Ill comment again with the link tonight and you can tell me what you think.

  10. Wow I hope your back starts feeling better, especially with that week you have ahead of you! Best of luck. :)

  11. Great idea to take that rain check, Glenn. My dad is an old track coach and runner, and he always says to me, "Listen to your body." Take care of yourself, and best wishes as your training progresses!