Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So Far So Good

So yesterday's six easy miles seems to have settled well. My legs are a little tired this morning, but my lower back seems fine. Another test will come tonight with my quality workout for the week - 5 miles easy followed by 7 miles at half marathon pace. That's about all there is from the running world today. Short and sweet. Can you tell that I am in the drudgery stage of training?

Final stats on yesterday's workout - 6 miles at an average pace of 10:06 and average heart rate of 75% of max. Right where I wanted this recovery run to be. Oh - and I did make it to the gym for some stretching and core work. I think that helped my soreness a bit.

On another note - I'm sweating a bit. For my youngest son's 17th birthday I agreed to take him and a group of his friends to a concert. The concert? Aerosmith and ZZ Top and the Verizon Amphitheater in Irvine on the 23rd. Booya! I've already loaded up the iPhone with a virtual lighter app for encore time. The problem? I guess Steven Tyler fell off a stage in South Dakota last week and broke some bones. I know that last weekend a bunch of concerts in Canada were postponed. I've been scouring the news to see what may be happening to other dates on the tour. I will be sooooo bummed if the 23rd is cancelled or postponed! I am *really* looking forward to this concert. If you've ever seen either of these bands live you'd know why. If anyone hears anything new - drop me a line!


  1. I heard that he broke some bones, too. Yikes! I hope everything works out for you because that would be really fun.

  2. I saw his stage fall on TV. I'd say it's iffy for the 23rd, but the man likes his money so I'm sure if he can make it, he will.

  3. Glad to see you are working through the drudgery. It happens to us all from time to time.

    Also you are a brave man taking a bunch of 17 year old boys to a rock concert! I hope you get to go. Steven Tyler is a tough rocker, he should suck it up and rock out! LOL!

  4. Hope the run goes well for you tonight! I am sure you will pull it off with flying colors!

    And Glenn - I promise to go to the doctors, in fact I promise to go Monday!

  5. Too funny, we were all super excited that SoDak made E! News. But totally crappy that it might not work out. Stupid Sturgis drunkeness :(

  6. Would ZZ Top still play? Did they say which bones he broke? I hope it all works out!

    Nice going on the six easy miles.

  7. glad you are starting to feel better and hope the runs went well!

    i don't know if i am in the 'drudge' stage too but i have been awfully moody towards running lately. thank god it was wisdom-teeth week so i have a legit excuse to slack for a few days, which i took advantage of... :) whoops.

    is aerosmith still cool with the teens these days? ;)