Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Run That Didn't Happen

Every now and then I have one of those days. Friday was one.

I was excited to be home and to get back to my training schedule after a few days on the road. Due to family and work commitments, my scheduled 9 miler was going to have to happen in the morning. I was up early and dressed and ready to go when the unthinkable happened. Client phone calls. At 5:30 AM. Ah the joys of owning your own business and being your own boss. And of having clients on the East Coast.

By the time I had the problem resolved (nothing serious), it was 7:00, and I needed to be back in my office for some other pending business. I also had family commitments in the evening (I managed to talk everyone into going to the Orange County Fair) so nothing was going to be able to happen in the evening. Basically, these early morning shenanigans meant that Friday's run was shelved. Oh well. We did have a great time at the Fair and concert! Ended up seeing KC and the Sunshine Band. Great show! But poor KC. He's getting old and fat. Hey KC - I have an idea for you! Check out this blog I know about!

Heh heh. I'll be out the door this morning for a 16 mile run. 4 miles of warm up and then 12 miles at Marathon Pace. I'm going to plan a 10:15 pace for the 12 miles. That's just a tad faster than a 4:30 marathon - which I would be ecstatic with in a few weeks!


  1. There must have been some gremlins on Friday, Glenn. We had some issues at work that screwed up my schedule too!

    Hope you were able to get in a good 16 miler today!

  2. Man...those EAST coasters...always causing problems! lol Hope your marathon run went well today!

  3. I hate it how work gets in the way of life. Being all geared up and ready to run is the one time you need to not be called.

    Have a great run today and a great weekend

  4. Oh boy those east coast ppl are just so pushy! Thinking that when they are up, everyone else is up! lol just kidding but its funny to be here cause we always forget that you guys are 3 hours behind! Hope the run went well!

  5. It's great that you can roll with a "missed" run. It totally throws everything off for me. Hope the 16 was great!

  6. that stinks about the early morning work, though east coasters are more important ;)

    hope your long run went well!