Sunday, August 9, 2009

That Was Much Better

After Thursday's little debacle, I was hesitant heading out for another semi long run. I was also worried that my run was coming at the end of another long day. I couldn't even get out of the house until 6:15, and didn't get underway until about 6:45 PM. The weatherman (yeah I know - sexist term - but this way we can blame a guy) had forecast cloudy and cool temps. And while it was cooler than it had been during the week, it was still in the upper 70's when I got started. This run was shaping up to be a repeat of my Thursday night cramp fest.

Rather than tempt fate by doing another around the Back Bay run, I headed up the San Diego Creek trail. I started out a little slower than Thursday, and before I knew it (well, actually not) 13 miles was done and over with.

Final stats for this run - 13 miles in a ssssslllllloooowww 11:01 pace. Heart rate at 78% of max. I'm starting to get concerned about a couple of things here. First off, I am running at the same pace and same heart rate as when I started this whole training business 13 weeks ago. I wish I could say I was feeling more fit, or getting faster, or something. But I'm not. And what has me most concerned is there's some burn out at work. I need a race, but it's not race season here in Southern California. America's Finest City Half Marathon in San Diego is in a week, but that has been sold out now for several weeks. There are some 5Ks here and there, but what I really need is a 10K or something like that to let me air things out and see where I stand in a race situation. Not only would that give me a checkpoint to see some of the benefits of my training, but would also give me a little mental break. Well, I guess it's time to HTFU, put my head down and keep my feet moving.


  1. Have you looked on to see what local races are coming up? That might give you some ideas, and incentive.

  2. no 10k's within an hour or so? :-/ surely there is something?!?

    you could always try to have your own race... not quite the same but at least you'd be able to see how hard you could push yourself for 10k (or whatever distance you choose).

    i can't imagine doing a long run that late in the afternoon/evening! once the clock hits 8pm i go into "get ready for bed" mode :)

  3. Too far? I know it's a trail, but it's something. I totally understand where you are. I'm in the same place...if I'm training so hard, why aren't I getting better?

  4. Sometimes we just have slow weeks. You are improving. Keep your head up. And if you cant find an actual race. Make your own. ;)

  5. August sometimes feels like there are no races around to do. Totally stinks but oh well. i am sure you are fitter and faster than you were 13 weeks ago...its just hiding out till race day!