Friday, October 9, 2009

Are the Paddles Ready? Breathe. Breathe.

The time is near. Butterflies are fluttering. Nervousness is setting in .

What? The marathon on Sunday? Heck no! My Los Angeles Dodgers! They have their act together for a change! Last night's 2 out 2 run rally are the moves that winners make. An interesting stat provided by fellow Dodger fan Ms.V - this year the Dodgers have won 23 games in the last at bat. Go Dodgers!

Baseball is my favorite sport. I can watch baseball anytime. Anywhere. And not just the Majors. I've spent many a hour in minor league parks while on the road. One thing I miss about my middle son being in college is I don't get to watch high school ball games anymore. (Proud dad moment - here's a picture of him in action:)

I live for this time of year. World Series baby! All the better this year because the Dodgers may actually have chance! And no - I'm not an Angels fan. In fact, I'm not really an American League fan - but we'll save that for some other time.

Oh running? I took out my copy of The Competitive Runner's Handbook by Bob Glover and started revisiting the chapters on Marathon Countdown. I'm taking it pretty easy - scheduled rest day yesterday, emphasizing carbs without cutting the protein and fat, staying off my feet as much as possible (as my Twitter friends will attest to). But, it's always great to revisit the books - if for no other reason than to reduce anxiety. Some things left to do before Saturday:

() Figure out the parking situation: I can't tell you how many stories I read of people almost missing a start because of parking. Add to that that about 20,000 of my close friends will be running Long Beach - and parking can become a problem. I'm thinking about parking three of four miles away and taking the Metro Blue Line to the start.

() Figure out gear drop: This marathon starts and finishes in the same place. I just need to figure out what I'm going to put in my gear bag an make sure it's all there. My list so far: Dry clothes, dry shoes, dry socks, electrolyte tabs/powder, cell phone, wallet with cash, keys, towel, neosporin (for chafing). I'm sure I'll expand the list tonight.

() Visit the start/finish line: This will happen tomorrow when I go to the expo. I like to just take a look at the whole setup. That way, if I *do* end up short on time, I know where to drop my gear bag and then where to rush to to hit the start.

() Sleep: Sleep the night before any big event is always fitful. That means tonight's sleep needs to happen. No online poker until midnight!

Am I ready? Oh yeah - I'm ready!


  1. OMG Chicrunner is running the marathon! how did you know! That is crazy!! ahhhh I am so excited for her now!

  2. Well, here is where paths go in different directions. I am Mariner fan first and foremost. After that - Angels and Giants. Both are rivals of the Dodgers over something either in the standings or fanbase. I love baseball as well though, although Basketball is my first sport. I support the local high schools as well. My kids are not old enough, but we have plenty of friends with kids playing we support. Fun.

    Sounds like a lot of stuff in your gear bag. You will do well. Try to get some sleep.

  3. Per your comment on my blog:
    Keep us posted on Shelter Island! There's a whole bunch of us going to that one! We'd love to see you there!

  4. you're sooooooooooooo ready for this. :)

  5. Good Luck....

    Look for all of my friends running the race in the "Runner's Circle Red" shirts.

    Most of all...have fun and enjoy...cant wait for the race report.

  6. I'm a HUGE Giants fan. We HATE the Dodgers.

    I'm not sure where our blogging relationship stands now.

    I have a lot to think about. ;)

  7. 2 days. no. 1. :)

    I'm so proud of you and your training, and you know what? The DODGERS are gonna kick ass this year.

    Great pic of your son!

  8. You should really be focusing on the marathon and not on those lousy Dodgers... ;-)

    Seriously...have a great run in the AM. No video poker and tweeting 'till all hours of the night. Post your bib # so we can stalk you (because it's really all about us right?)

    I do wish I were there...but Shelter Island? Keep us posted.