Saturday, October 17, 2009

Post Marathon Week

Whew. All that writing made my hands tired! I need to stop for a second and thank all of you for taking the time to settle back and relive the torture experience. I appreciate that you all are willing to give up a little of your day to read about my exploits!

The best thing about finishing a goal race of any distance, but especially the longer ones, is that you get a little time back for a week or two while recovering. I've been enjoying that this week. I have put in a few miles, but my legs still feel pretty trashed. Here's the synopsis:

Monday: Couldn't move. Should have used a hand truck to have someone push me around from place to place like a stack of boxes.
Tuesday: A little better. Quads still hurt like hell. At least I could hobble down the hallway to the can. For the first time I realize how tired my arms and shoulders are. Amazingly calves and lower back are fine. About midday my appetite turns back on. Start searching for anything that is edible. Anything. Even insects aren't safe.
Wednesday: Feeling much better. Head out for my first post marathon run. 3 miles @ 9:32 pace. Feels good to air it out a little. Actually feels better to not be running 10 miles.
Thursday: Ouch. Legs really trashed. Should do a quick three or four miler. Dodgers on TV. No way will I run if I can watch them! (P.S. - I should have run).
Friday: Feeling better than Thursday. Wife makes Costco trip. She's wondering where all the food in the house has gone. I better not get on the scale. Thank goodness for the Phillies bullpen. I can run without being upset before it gets dark. Rip off four miles at Crystal Cove (hills involved). Shocked when done becuase the Garmin says 9:41 pace. Sit down in the car and realize just how tired my legs still are.
Today: Three miles with fellow Cal Coast club members. Double check watch. It's 8:30 on a Saturday morning and I'm done for the day. What now? Drum fingers on desk. Eat some of the fruits of wife's Costco trip.

So there you have the gist of it. I've put in 10 miles this week. It is soooooo nice to not be running crazy miles for a change. And I've been eating. Scale says I've gained about three pounds. Whew. If that's all then I'm pleased.

On a serious note though - I have been *exhausted* all week. I am normally up between 4:30 and 5 in the morning. This week it's been nothing before 6. It's amazing that I've been able to delay eating for that hour.

I *did* receive a special treat this week. Wednesday evening I headed to the Newport Back Bay for my planned 3 mile run. I happened to get down to the bay just as the sun was setting:

Yeah. That's where I get to run.....


  1. I love recovery weeks, when you, well, recover! I rarely take them, but when I do, I love catching up on sleep and getting my legs back. Congrats on completing another marathon and enjoying yourself the week after. If you can't enjoy yourself with your hobby, what's the point?

  2. I may "miss" my flight if the weather stays so crappy in MD.

    I'm hanging out at my mom's (think you know the area) so I won't be able to enjoy the Back Bay this weekend :( Can't wait until we can get back to our Lake Forest condo. Until then I will have to live vicariously through your pictures.

  3. Take your time. Let yourself heal.

  4. Yes, that first free Saturday morning is a little tough during recovery...what do I do now?
    I LOVE the Back Bay picture, I remember running it at night in college with my room mates. It is so quiet and serene back there.
    Hope you get some energy back soon!

  5. What a beautiful place. I admit I don't see too many sunset runs because I'm an early riser, but you may change my mind.

  6. What an awesome picture! Very lucky! As for the recovery and running ten miles, you'll be fine. :) You can a marathon, woot! Take it easy!

  7. I'm in awe that you ran three days after a marathon. Even after a 1/2 mary, I take about a week off. Take it easy. Three mile runs are plenty.

    This is THE BEST time of year for sunsets. You picture makes me want to go out tomorrow night and take few shots.

  8. Glenn-- Just caught up and read your last two posts!

    SO psyched for you man! You looked great crossing that finish line!! I know it's not the time you wanted-- but I love your state of mind! You remained positive and by the sounds of it ended up having a great time taking in all the sights. To me, that pays off more than the time on the clock. It's the people, scenes, your interaction that you'll remember most!


    Oh, and one question: In the picture taken at Roscoe's what the hell is the food?? Not the waffle, the other stuff??? Looks yummy!

  9. Glad you are recovering and taking your time with it. You know you need to ease back into it. I think those times are pretty good considering you just ran a marathon.

    Beautiful view indeed.

  10. Don't you just love those sunsets!!!

    I'm glad you are resting this week! You deserve it!

  11. Glenn- this was a very enjoyable post to read- you are FUNNY! I laughed and smiled the whole way through it! I would imagine you would be hungry after such a feat. Your body is demanding that you refuel's done it's part and now PAY BACKS! Enjoy your 'down' time. Christine