Friday, October 2, 2009

Nine Days - OMG!!!!

I came to a sudden realization yesterday when @anatorias sent a tweet. Nine more days. I really *am* coming down the homestretch. I should be saying things like "nervous", "taper madness", "obsessive weather checking", so on and so on. But I'm actually feeling pretty peaceful. Of course that's because I'm an old fart and know that nine days is waaay too far away to panic about. Yet. Check with me about Thursday of next week.

I put in my last speed work session of this cycle last night. 8 miles total with 3 one mile intervals. My hamstrings felt tight, so I held back just a little. My times:

Interval 1: 9:22
Interval 2: 9:26
Interval 3: 9:40 (slowness caused by friction of tongue dragging on the track)

Today is a scheduled rest day.

This weekend I need to do some important things. I need to hit the Nutrition Superstore here in Costa Mesa to buy gobs of Hammer Gel. I need to break out the painters tape and prepare some gel/Endurolyte packets. And I need to start thinking about my iPod playlist. I'll probably pull together about 3 hours of music. I'm going to try to not use my iPod until I get sick of running (around hour three or so). I really want to enjoy this one. I want to be able to smile for the finish line picture!

And thanks everyone for your opinions and experiences regarding the Saturday 5K. I think I'm going to pass. If there was a 10K option, I would probably go and just run it for fun. But I don't think I can run a 5K "for fun". So, I'm going to play it safe here and not tempt myself to do too much a week prior to my goal marathon. Besides, last year's t-shirt *was* pretty boring.


  1. I think skipping it is a wise decision.

    9 days for you and me! I leave for Chicago on Friday. I hope the hotel has internet cause I need to see your posts and updates!

    Have a great weekend. Oh and put some P-Funk on that iPod for me!

  2. You've had some wonderful training over the past several weeks, even with your bad cold, you're still putting in the time and miles. I'd say you're ready!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. Beach towels would be a great alternative to t-shirts. I never thought of that.

  3. You totally are going to do an amazing job on this Glenn.


  4. lol about factoring in the t-shirt to your decision ;) either way, you couldn't go wrong with running the race or not running it. well, unless you were to go too hard which i can certainly understand the temptation!

    also funny about your tongue slowing you down in your last interval. enjoy the extra free time today!

  5. I am at peace with my approaching death as well. RIP me ha ha ha ha ha

  6. Enjoy your scheduled rest! I think you made the right decision for YOU, great job, you'll be thankful. That is such a nice marathon, I loved it when I did it last year and I did run with music too, it helped the time pass quickly. There is a fun part of the course up by CSLB where there are cheering clubs...take off your ipod there!! Cool music and drumming!
    I'm excited for you!

  7. I'm still three weeks out from my marathon and I'm starting to get nervous. Wonder what I'll feel like with only 9 days. You seem to be handling it well. Enjoy the taper.

  8. It's going to be a LONG week for you. LOL ;)

  9. I'm glad to see a T-shirt design can make all the difference :-)

  10. I should start choosing all my races based on the t-shirt. That's really what it comes down to right? ;)