Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Back on Track - Literally

I was back on *the* track last night. Even if my running isn't quite back *on* track yet. Last night's interval session was one 1200 and 3 800s. Since I was a little sore and tired, I did the 1200 but then opted for three 400's (basically just peeled off after a lap):

Interval 1 (1200): 5:40 (8:18 pace)
Interval 2 (400): 1:48 (7:55 pace)
Interval 3 (400): 1:52 (8:12 pace)
Interval 4 (400): 1:58 (8:39 pace)

You can see the trend here. Basically, the 1200 wiped me out. I just didn't have the legs to get me through the 800s anyways. Oh well. I *am* still recovering (hands in pockets whistling). With warm ups and warm downs I ended up putting in 5 miles total.

Today I'm going to slow down and take it easy. I'll hit up Crystal Cove for a quick four mile run. Gotta remember the iPhone - the winds yesterday stirred up a lot of dust. Should make for a nice sunset!


  1. Yes, take pictures! I love it up there!
    Take it easy and enjoy the winds...they are so nice down here right now!

  2. You'll be back on "track" soon enough Glenn. Enjoy the view.

  3. Keep working on those 800s - I think you still have it in you to run those fast!

  4. These winds have been brisk, to say the least. I'm not sure what you were shooting for on the track, but looks to me like you made it.

  5. Sounds to me like you are recovering well from your marathon. Very nice job, Glenn! And yes, sunset pictures are always appreciated! :)

  6. Oh...BTW Glenn, thank you so much for explaining how the non-chip timed races work. I had never noticed anyone punching a machine by the finish line, and I'd always wondered how, exactly, the whole process worked. It actually makes sense, and in my case last Saturday night, given that I witnessed so many people crossing lines and pushing ahead, I'm amazed that it was as accurate as it was. As for Walter, he probably just ended up exiting in a chute that was more organized than mine was.

  7. I know I prefer to take it easy post-marathon for a good three months at least ;-) you're an overachiever! You got the legs spinning a little, and hopefully they'll reawaken soon!